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Anxiety symptoms

I am a 31 year old male who has just started to suffer from anxiety. The symptoms to me are severe. It started 7 weeks ago after a night out drinking.  I was stupid and drank way too much.  My symptoms include a constant state of panic and  head pressure, including slight dizziness and eye pressure.
I have had a few episodes where I wake up and I feel very distant from myself.  Extremely panicked and unable to keep my thoughts controlled. Very scary.

I am unsure if the anxiety is a symptom of the head pressure. Or the anxiety is the cause of the head pressure.
Either way it is really getting to me.

My doctor believes in seeing a psychiatrist before putting me on any full time meds. He prescribed me Murelax to help with the symptoms.  
I am really concerned that I did some permanent damage that night.  Since then I have not touched alcohol.

I would love to hear some feedback on this.  Thankyou

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Hey there,

I suffer from the exact same thing.  I have been dealing with this since last Christmas and it came on out of nowhere.  I have the head pressure / dizziness, and my vision feels "off".  I also have the "distant from myself" feeling.  Look up "depersonalization" and "dissocation"...it will give you a better understanding of how you feel, and don't worry, you're definitely not alone in these feelings!

I don't think that one night of drinking would have done any permanent damage.  My guess is that when you didn't feel well following that night, you went into anxiety mode.  For many of us, once you have a panic attack or bad anxiety, you begin to worry about it happening again, and the feelings of anxiety begin to consume you.  

I really think you can benefit by talking to the psychiatrist; I believe that they are far better than regular MDs in terms of anxiety / depression, and have greater knowledge of the many drug options.  

Good luck to you!
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How you doin man? I'm a 26 year old male... I can relate to your symptoms... All I can say is... I'm also going through it... It's been since this year, that I have defintely quit drinking, that my anxiety has turned into a big monster.

I've had all the symptoms anxiety can give you. I trully don't think that night made a difference. I mean who knows, maybe anxiety/panic disorders have their root causes in some specific event, or something neurological... who knows. I have NEVER taken meds for anxiety. Actually, I have lived with it since I am 18. It is what has brought me closer to God. I decided that He was going to be my cure for it. No pills. There are good days. There are bad days. Deppresed days. Motivating days... It's a very weird condition. Exercise and a good diet sure helps.
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