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Hi after being prettified having panic attacks thinking I had HIV from a protected episode and being assured I had no risk what so ever with no symptoms but ones that are not linked and not in the window that usual symptoms appear I am now troubled with what I presume to be anxiety as a come down from the complete panic I have endured these last two days. I have feeling of dizziness/light headedness it feels my eyes are hard to focus due to the dizziness and my mind just seems to be elsewhere is this the anxiety ? And if so would anyone recommend anything to help ? I go on holiday tomorrow for 10 nights so I think that may help ?
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Been there done that!! About 2 years ago I was convinced I had HIV (however I had symptoms.) Tested negative over and over but that was the beginning of my anxiety adventure I like to call it. The dizziness/lightheadedness/brain fog is definitely attributed to anxiety.

I certainly think a nice relaxing trip will get your mind off the anxiety. Distraction has been my biggest help. I will throw on the TV, go read, go for a walk with my kids, do just about anything to distract myself. The more you sit and think about it the more it will linger.

Hang in there!! It DOES get better.
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Wow thanks a lot your post is reassuring sounds bad but it is nice to know there is/was someone in your position. I had symptoms such as diarrhoea and slight nausea but I think the nausea was from the anxiety as I never noticed it until I started to panic plus the upset stomach started at 6/7 weeks and it was a protected episode and I have been told by many that it is risk free etc I have not done any tests and don't really plan to just because of the lack of symptoms, low risk due to protection etc. I just need to get my head in the right place it's been a mess for the last two days as I say but even after reading your post I feel a weight already lifted from my shoulders thank you very much for your reassurance sometimes that's all one needs
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If you still are worried about it after your vacation, go get a test. I am not sure where you live but here in the US you can buy them over the counter! It will give you an added peace of mind. Anxiety can really do a number on your body as far as symptoms go. Mine vary constantly. Still working on getting mine completely under control but I am getting there!!
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I think the waiting for the results will make the situation worse for me as I say there was little to no risk etc and hardly any real symptoms apart from the ones I was making up in my head and trying to find the anxiety I suspect magnifying them. I think I will be okay dealing with it myself like I say I've noticed an improvement straight away as I thought the symptoms due to anxiety was due to HIV but I basically know it is due to the anxiety I hadn't thought of it a tall to be honest and then when I find start to think of it all sorts seemed to crop up which I think was due to the anxiety playing tricks with my head
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Ps nothing but best wishes with your 'anxiety adventure'
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Do you also find sometimes you come up with a hot flush if you're anxiety kicks in if you start to over think things ?
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I am constantly overthinking things lol. I cant say I really get a hot flash. I have random twinges of heat throughout my body sometimes which I think is anxiety related.
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