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Hello, I was diagnosed with panic disorder about 3 years ago and get a lot of physical symptoms. I am wondering if anyone else experiences a lot of physical symptoms even when they do not feel anxious.
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Hi, i read an article on adrenaline and are finding its a leading cause of panic attacks. Its brought out be outside influences and also can be brought out by ourselves. It said when you feel it stating just to relax and realize its a natural occurance and it will subside in a few minuits. If a person continues to focus on it, will only get worse.
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My anxiety is very physical.  I feel like I have the flu...I get super nauseos, weak, shaky, heart racing, feeling like I have a fever.  Its horrible and really debilitating.  And I never know if im actually sick or not.  Recently, I tend to get these symptoms after a really stressful situation.  Up until recently, I used to just experience the symptoms while in the anxious situation, but recently it's like during the stressful times my anxiety and the symptoms temporarily go away and when things calm down its like I get hit by a wave of all these sypmtoms.  I think its my body's way of coping in the moment is to repress the anxiety, and once things calm down then all those anxious feelings come.
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Anxiety can be confusing and frustrating to deal with. Anxiety makes you over-analyze yourself looking for clues as to why you get symptoms. The more you analyze, the worse they appear. If you are not anxious then the "symptoms" are easy to ignore because you have experienced them many times in the past and just ignored them since you knew they were meaningless and would disappear - but when suffering from anxiety you view them as clues to a problem.
It is unlikely that your body has some coping mechanism to throw anxiety in the corner while you are dealing with a stressful situation. Usually it is the opposite - the more stressed a person gets, the more anxious, and the more anxious, the more the "symptoms" get over-analyzed etc.
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I think that is what I do as well. Sometimes I get a lot of the physical symptoms but don't consciously feel anxious. It is really annoying and further increases my health anxiety becuase I feel like I must have a disease or something actually wrong with me to experience the physical symptoms without feeling anxious.
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Yes, I do over analyze. I have a hard time accepting that anxiety can produce these physical symptoms. My doctor keeps trying to reassure me that it is anxiety, but I still have a hard time believeing her.
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