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Anxiety "symptoms"

Generally speaking could body rash, fever, fatigue, ucler, white tongue, blur vision, sore throat, muscle pain due to stress?
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Yes. All of those factors contribute to anxiety. A lot of times its your environment, situation or social relationships that trigger such emotions. You may also be having panic attacks. Anxiety and Stress are both not good for you mental and physical health. When your stressed a chemical in your brain called cortisol gets released causing you to feel stressed, it actually can inhibit you from enjoying things or love.

My recommendation would when you feel the anxiety or stress going on, become aware of it, and ask yourself in 5 years will this affect me?

Also simply close your eyes in a safe space and meditating breathing in 5 seconds, hold for a few seconds, then breath out for a few seconds. Do this at least 30 times or more until you feel completely relaxed. Also be sure to focus your mind on your lungs breathing in and out and channel out the rest of the world.

Make sure your getting 8 hours of sleep because if you get less it can affect your emotions. Also stick to a cleaner diet, drink a lot of water and consume protein which is good for your brains serotonin levels. The chemical that regulates your mood.

If this is something serious seek out a psychiatrist, don't just choose the first one, meet a couple until you find someone you can connect with.

Stay positive friend :)
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Yes Arcans1. Like I told you in reply to your private questions to me, in your situation it can.
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Depends.  Sometimes anxiety can lead to physical symptoms for sure.  Sometimes people have health anxiety and begin to feel and notice all sorts of things in their body. This is common, I've noticed, with heart health anxiety and infectious disease anxiety such as HIV.  I always say to rule out the feared health problem, get an overall body check for other reasons you're having the physical symptoms, and then after that, if you are still not able to put the fear of the health issue out of your head or if you can't move past your anxiety, then it is time to treat the anxiety.  good luck
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Thank you.
Yoy been very helpful
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First, stress isn't the same as anxiety.  Second, some of those things can be caused by anxiety or stress, some probably not.  If you've gotten all these things at once I hope you've scheduled a doctor's appointment.
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Thanks for answering.
Of cource i will. Just asking because i do not think either that all these are anxiety coming.
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