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Anxiety symptoms?

I am needing some advice about whether I am experienceng anxiety, or if I have something more serious.  I do consider myself to be a worrier and have had a great deal of stress in the last few years.  3 months ago I awoke to a cold, and was feeling exhausted.  I also started to have a buzzing/vibrating feeling from the inside in my legs that steadiny continued to get worse over the next week.  It was worse in the night and kept me awake and worried that I had a disease such as MS or cancer, or other....The buzzing terrified me and it seemed like I was holding on to an electrical drill and it was going through my body so much I kept waking up from the sensation.  My Doctor chalked it up to anxiety and put me on B complex vitamins, but didn't do any tests, just said symptoms weren't consistent of any disease like MS. This vibrating would stay predominantly in my upper back right thigh, but would also move around to my neck back, arms, feet, legs, etc. The buzzing has gotten better mostly now only in my upper thigh, but it still happens, and when I wake up after sleeping my whole body seems to be slightly tremoring.
   I now also have this weird visual vibration, that is worrying me, and I don't know how long I have had this..maybe I am so much more aware of weird sensations in my body...My eye exam was normal 2 months ago, but when I look at something intently that is highly patterned, or has raised or defined edges, the edges or pieces of the object seem to vibrate like there is a heat haze in front of it or like a guitar string being plucked. The whole object itself does not move, just the raised or different part that stands out seems to vibrate.  This does not happen with each individual eye, just with both eyes looking at the same time.  This occurs on blankets that are not perfectly smoothed out, folded laundry, defined print, carved lines in drawers, front folds of hanging curtains, door frames, even the top part of loops on bath mats.  I assume this is a problem in the brain area where the two eyes have to focus on one thing, as my eye exam showed my eyes were fine, and there was no indication the Optometsirt could see of any pathology at the exam.  I have nearsightedness in one eye and far sightedness in the other but don't need glasses for this yet.  Could this be a stress related thing as well? I have another eye apt in 2 weeks and hope to get a referral to someone who could help with this phenomena.  I am worried about it being something like Ms.
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Best to consult with a doctor for medical advise & diagnoses, a psychiatrist for evaluation, etc.....

If your not satisfied with your doctor, seek a 2nd opinion, ask to see a specalist.  

Seems nowaday's doctor chalk up every symptom to anxiety.  Seems to me, the buzzing/vibrating condition is causing your anxiety.  Good luck, feel better soon.            

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I had the exact feelings you described with the eyes. I might not have the same thing but it could not be described better.

I work on computers all the time. Used CRT screens. I feel pretty sure my eye problem the vibrating jittery look that you describe with flurries came from too many hours of a big CRT screen. I use flat screens now. It has gotten much better since I switched screens over the years. Still there but less.

The vibrations could be from your back from sitting in a bad chair or bed for too many hours. Could be your back too. It can be a chair that is worn out pressing on the bottom of your legs. Try a pillow under all chairs for a week and see if that helps.

I'd get a second opinion if the leg thing doesn't go away with changing your bed or pillow under your chairs where you legs are. Stretch out a few times a day. Could be simple like a pinched back. But I'd rule it out if none of this doesn't help by a doctor that knows more about this. If you are a person with anxiety then maybe your doctor knows best but if you are not a person with anxiety than it might be time for a new doctors opinion. My old doctor said my asthma was only anxiety. That dr could not have been more wrong. Thats why we get second opinions.
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What exam did your doctor run on your for your legs vibrating? Example MRI and if so what part of your body? Just wondering. Any back pain?
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What is your blood pressure, pulse and age if I may ask?
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Im not a doctor, just stating that. What type of work do you do? For example, do you sit in a chair all day, do you carry stuff, do you stand all day, ect...
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Are you on any medications?
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