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Anxiety with head pressure and dizziness

has anyone been diagnoses with GAD when you have constant pressure headach (forehead, behind the eye and nose bridge) accmpanied with slight dizziness and spaciness (derealization)?
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yes yes yes all that and more,
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hey i have that only i get the pressure in the back of my head and i do get pressure in the bridge of my nose too it really scares me but i only get it when i start getting anxious about something.
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hey, lately i have a constant pressure in the back of my head and on the bridge of my nose. sometimes this pressure moves around but always is there lately. my head feels so heavy at times like im holding a bowling ball on my neck. im constantly dizzy and feel like im at the point of passing out. everything looks different and unreal. is this similar to what you are experiencing???
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yeah except the pressue in the back of the head...i dont get the unreal feeling much anymore but this pressure in the front of my head is killing me. WHen I take 0.5 mg of Ativan it takes the pressure away but I cant take that forever. I started taking Lexapro 2 days ago and the pressure now turned into a weird headache..
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I have these head symptoms plus anxiety gripping the stomach and general discomfort. I can clear this in under an hour with .5mg alprazolam taken under the tongue. I saw this advised on a forum by a doctor and cannot find it again. Anyone with this experinece? The various pharmos making this medications say nothing about ti.
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well ativan works for me too but I dont want to take it long term. I've takenit for 3 weeks and that was it. I didnt want to risk getting addicted to it so now im on lexapro and I have not needed to take ativan anymore.
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I also am having similar symptoms for the past year or so on and off.

I get the headrushes, the dizziness and spaced out feeling, the presure on the bridge of my nose, the pressure/heaviness around my frontal sinus. It also affects my vision and leaves me very unsteady on my feet and off-balance.

I have tried to research this but some of the potential causes scare me and I don't want to consult Dr Google but I would appreciate knowing of other people's experiences and whether they put it doen to anxiety or TMJ or something else.

Feel free to PM me if it's something you'd rather not post about on the board.


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Yes, that sounds like me.  Constant pressure headache...will not go away and only gets worse when under a lot of pressure. Weird...
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Ever find out what it was? Having same issue
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Welcome to my world guys, iv had horrible head pressure, dizziness, eye twitch. I have severe anxiety I always think there is secretly something wrong with me and have almost daily panick attacks because of this.
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