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Anxiety with pain

Hello and thank you for this site.  I have had on and off anxiety issue under control for a number of years due to a recent illness beginning in 2002 triggered by a adverse drug interaction. I have been taking 1mg a day of antivan that seemed to help it.  Recently, my anxiety has changed.  It seems to come in waves now that last days even with my meds, and overwhelmes to the point where I feel incapacitated by it.  Sometime I have chest pains with it, and have ended up at ER for it and they found nothing, saying it is chest wall pain.  I have tried meditation, visualization, exercise, breathing, yoga and it helps, but still it does not abate.  My massage therapist says it is coming from my kidneys, overworking the little adrenal glands on top. I noticed at the times of this high anxiety that my ph levels are so high, the paper for the acid/alkaline test has no color....(low ph) ?   Even with his manipulation from massage, it comes back and each time seems worse than before.  This has been going on for a few months now. I am trying to see if there is a pattern during the month now so I can track it and be prepared for it.   I don't know how to approach my Dr. as he just thinks because I have an anxiety disorder with FM/CFS it is just part of it.  He does not like to do tests to see if it could be something else.  I am at the end of my rope and feel like I want to jump out of my skin......Please any information you may have would be very appreciated.

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This is very interesting.  I notice that you are taking Ativan.  I take Xanax and like every other Benzodiazepine, people can become 1, dependent on them and 2, if you've taken it for an extended amount of time your body can become so used to it that it sometimes takes more of the drug to work the way it's supposed to.  I've found that with Xanax.  You might need to switch to another anti-anxiety or anti-depressant medication and see if that helps.
Also did you ever recover from your illness?  
It sounds like anxiety.  I've had the same symptoms with mine.  But just to be sure.  Why don't you have a complete physical and have your doctor do some bloodwork just to see if there's anything funky there.  
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Hello: thanks for your comments. I know I am addicted to antivan but it always seems to still help me, even though my Dr. wants to switch me to a new longer acting drug.  I am petrified of this because after having a drug interaction in 2002 which I felt I was going to die, Antivan was my saving grace. Past experiences with drugs have left me feeling like I am going crazy...literally!   I gradually got worse after that and had gallbladder surgery 9 mos after (never knew I had gallstones) I was 51, slim and healthy before that.  After that 9 mos later I had bile duct surgery. That triggered all sorts of things, including FM/CFS, shingles, body pain everywhere that made me bed ridden for along time.  I have used alternative medicine most of my life and leaned towards this again.  I only take antivan, nothing else except for alternative remedies....I have tried them all.  Lately this anxiety has changed and my massage therapist says it is coming from kidneys.....I still have to check this out....but today was a bad day and now I am trying to track a pattern.....it seems to be approx. 3 weeks it was this bad again. You name the blood work, I have had it from my internist who is now just retired, and I am free floating out there for tests now...this scares me too.....some Dr's don't have a clue.

How about you, what is your history?
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Yeah, I know what you mean. I take Xanax and can tell a big difference when I don't take it.  I've always had anxiety in my life going as far back as 1st year in college.  I dropped out and came home and just could not get rid of my anxiety.  I even worked with a hypnotherapist who helped me out tremendously.  I was on a tricyclic anti-depressant for many years and was absolutely fearless.  Nothing bothered me.  I was even into some outdoor sports and stuff like that.  They took me off of that starting two years ago and I've had problems ever since.  Tiredness, fatique, aches and pains, increased anxiety.  I stopped working out, basically my life turned upside down.  In January I completely went off the TCA.  And I've had all sorts of stomach issues, vomiting, IBS, nausea, nervous stomach, increased anxiety.  I went to GI docs and they did endoscopic procedure, gastric emptying study, CT scan of small intestines.  So they said I had esophagitis and border line gastroparesis.  They gave me Nexium and Levsin to deal with it.  For a year I've dealt with this stuff.  Thinking I had something wrong like stomach ulcers or any other number of things that could be wrong.  Dealing with stupid docs that would just rather throw medicine at the situation and not try to find out what's wrong.  Not to mention I've dealt with several very stressful events over the last year.  I've even worked with a psychiatrist to try to get me on a medicine but couldn't because of my stomach.  I had a couple of epiphanies over the Christmas I figure there might not be really much with my stomach, it might be just my anxiety causing problems.  So after every thing that I've tried and hasn't worked I'm going back to the hypnotherapist because he's helped me out more than anyone I know.  I don't know to tell you the truth what there is wrong with my stomach.  I don't know what the solution is to correct the problem but I'm willing to try most anything to get me back to the way I used to be.  But what pisses me off is the health care in this country.  Doctors who throw medicine at you, doctors who don't listen to what you have to say, who think they know better than you when it's your body.  You should know your body better than any doctor no matter how much education they have.  
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Hello again: I am sorry to hear about all your problems especially with your gut.  I never had problems like I do now and can sympathize with you.You are right, you would think we would know our body better, but for some reason, they don't really listen, do they?

I can tell you this, Dr's (I live in Canada) do the same old thing throwing meds at us, because it keeps the Big Pharm in  Big business......I take nothing except the antivan and recently was given all sorts of stuff for acid reflux due to a hernia and now I just went back to using baby gripe water *Kolic /no alcohol and it has settled me down - works like a charm for me as has fennel and you may know that is a soothing thing for the stomach.  I also take enzymes with my meals.....no fat.....no **** basically.  I have also IBS but it is under control now and had it since I was in my 20's....some things never go away...sadly....I have  no gallblader any longer, but for some reason my body is growing a new one in the shape of a big cyst....seeing specialist for this one, should be a treat to see what he wants to do here,   surgery, I think not.....Ask me if you like about any gut stuff as I feel like I pretty much have dealt with a lot of it and have tried a lot, you never know what might work?

I do see a ND and although it has cost me $$ I think it has helped me 50%along with a visceral massage therapist who knows by feel what is going on inside of you, believe it or not...He is my main guy I get relief from, even with anxiety.  He says the spleen is the big holder of anxiety, I never knew that.  I went on line and got a great visulization for the spleen when you are having an attack.  You picture your right hand filled with yellow flowers, and this may sound corny, but it works.......all kinds, roses, carnations, tulips, any kinds you can think of - then place that right hand over your spleen (under your left armpit basically) and then think of all that yellow light filtering through and soothing all that anxiety **** out of the way.......I hope you don't think I am a nut, although sometimes I might feel like one, but I try anything, and I mean anything....everyday I rely on myself to come up with instinctively a way to deal with this.  My anxiety has been way up, and as you know it takes you down......but I think it is adrenal gland related and going to see if I can get those crazy Dr's to at least check that out....makes sense doesn't it, adrenal glands, are the source of anxiety......

Well, that is it for now, hope you have a good night and I am taking each hour as it comes these days....but I try hard to keep my hopes UP! Take good care and hope you keep on looking, you are going to lick this thing......keep believing that.....

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Hello: I was searching some sites and came across this one and thought of your ongoing problems with your GI gut.  It is worth a shot, it is a homeopathic site but they can have some pretty good stuff, I have used many over the years.  


I hope it might help you, and that you get some relief soon.

My anxiety has quieted down and I am burnt out, but taking is slowly to rebuild again...

Keep on.

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Thanks, I appreciate it.  Rest and relaxation as much as you can and take care.  Question about the adrenal glands. Obviously it secretes adrenaline and other chemicals and or hormones, but what would cause it to be overactive.  
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Hello again: Well according to my Naturopath and my Massage therapist, 2 things can do it:

1. overload of cortosol due to stress, whether emotionally induced or sympathetic nervous system can not determine any more which is stress or not, overload of the adrenals, which in turn cause high anxiety.

2.  Imbalance of harmones, which brings me to the ASI (Adrenal Stress Index Test) $200 or less but I am going for it because I know this I believe is a main souce of my anxiety......

Right now, I am taking a natural remedy at night at 7pm and the antivan at 9 pm.  The remedy you can buy at any health food store and it settles down the adrenals and helps to restore them.  It is Relora, and you can get in in extra does of Relora-Plus.  Talk to health food professionals and see what they say in your area.

Also DHEA has a lot to do with the adrenal function as well.....I find this interesting and have a GUT feeling that most of my anxiety is stemming from this area....If you have a good Dr. he might run the cortosol and DHEA blood tests for you.
If you did not see one of my other posts identifying stress due to adrenal imbalance and overall state of health has some symptoms listed below:

chronic pain
difficulty sleeping
low sex drive
weight flucuation
low thyroid function (also a harmone imbalance)
low blood pressure
frequet infections
automimmune illnesses
sugar/or salt cravings
dry skin
blood sugar imbalance.

adaptogenic herbs can make one's body more resillent during these periods of elevated stress, such as ashwaganda, cordyceps, rhodiola and licorice and addtional Vit C and B5 are required by the adrenals to produce stress response hormones.  This information has come out in a monthly magazine from a local store here in Vancouver by a Naturopath Dr. Veeravugu at one of the clinics in Vancouver.  He charges $175 Cdn for the ASI test... that is a good deal and I have priced them out and they go as high as $350... Cdn.

Hope that was not too much overload.  I am taking it easy and right now so grateful for the relief from the high anxiety I just want to rest and start enjoying living for the moment again.

Have a great Sat.
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