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Anxiety without a cause?

Sounds like a movie title.. But can you have anxiety and not know what is causing it? I mean do people get the feelings of anxiety and not know where they are coming from? I understand some people get anxiety when they fly in an airplane (like me). Some get it when storms are coming. Some when they have to give a speech etc.. But can you have it, and not have a known cause?

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Yep you can have anxiety and not be aware of the specific cause. Many of us don't discover what causes our anxiety until we have been to a therapist to help us sort it out. That's what makes GAD ( Generalized anxiety disorder) such a puzzle sometimes. It can be tough working through what makes us anxious but with work, therapy, medication if needed and some self understanding we usually get to the root of the problem.

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What about caffiene? Do you think someone that weighs about 115 lbs and is about 5' 6" drinking a 2 liter bottle of regular Coca-Cola everyday might have some feelings of anxiety?
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And a good title it is! They could cast each and every one of us from this forum! I, naturally, would play the ingenue part. Oh, wait.........at 56 I think I'd be cast in the "older woman" part........damn! But I smell an Oscar here...................

The answer to your question is YES. Anxiety and panic can sneak in, pour a can of whoop *** on us and disappear into the night. It's one of the most frightening and maddening aspects of our "condition." But most of us have learned, or are learning, that anxiety ALWAYS has a cause and one which we often have no clue about. Until, that is, we start to excavate our lives.
If I'm getting the correct gut feeling from your post, this anxiety is something new to you. If that is the case, go back to the time just before you first experienced this anxiety and have a really good look around at what was going on in your life at that time. It could be a hundred things............new job, new kid, new g/f, new marriage, new divorce, new house, old job, old kid, old g/f, old marriage..........you get the drift. You may think that none of these could cause your anxiety, but they can. They can sit and fester silently under on day you have some really disturbing feelings, either physically or mentally, (or both) and wonder what the hell is going on.
There is SOMETHING in your life that is causing this. Now you have to do some work and figure out what that is.
You didn't describe any of your symptoms, or if you're on any meds for them. Have you seen your doc about this? There are some medical conditions that can mimic anxiety and/or panic symptoms, so a good medical check-up would be a good place to start to rule out a boatload of possibilites. If you end up with a diagnose of anxiety, your options are nearly endless. Meds and therapy, alone or in conjunction, can help you get to the root of your anxiety.
Let us know a bit more about why you asked this question.
I'm glad you found us. This is a great place to hang if you're dealing with anxiety issues.
Take some time, lurk around, read some of the posts and just by doing that, I think you will begin to relax a little. Trust me, you are SO not alone out there!
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I would have to battle it out with you for the part in the movie playing the "older woman".
So I wondered, have you found thru therapy the cause of your anxiety yourself?  If so, how have you learned to cope with it?  I also have GAD, but nothing comes to mind as to WHY.  I'm sure there IS a why, but life is great right now, so it is puzzling to me.
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Thanks Greenlydia, Actually I am not the one with the anxiety. My wife is. I wish I did have it so I could help her through hers. I wish I could take it all away from her! I would gladly take ALL OF IT!

She was on meds but couldn't take them properly, she just wanted to get wasted on them.. VERY frustrating for those of us who love her. Now I am just trying to do whatever I can to help her..

She has had many deaths in her family. Actually, She says she remembers the exact moment that it hit her (at least 4 years ago). But it has not gone away. I ask her if/what she is thinking about that brings it on, she says nothing. I ask her if she has it when she first wakes up, never really get an answer.. She consumes A LOT of caffiene every day ALL day, so, I suggest to her that she cools that down a little.. She refuses, says thats not the problem. Of course I say, maybe not THE problem but it certainly must contribute, it is a stimulant..But she still refuses to even try caffiene free soda.

I just wish I knew what was causing it so I could try to help. She has been to a therapist (didn't help any). The only thing that makes it go away is meds or alcohol. Neither are long term solutions. I just feel helpless.. Sometimes I think maybe she just likes the buzz from the meds. Maybe she has a little anxiety but mostly just wants the buzz. I don't know...
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The coke question..........HMMM. If you are use to drinking that much on a daily basis, and have been doing it for quite some time, in my humble opinion, I don't thnk that would be causing your anxiety. But that is simply a guess. I have based that on my own coffee consumption which is roughly 4-5 cups every morning. After that, I don't drink any more  coffee during the day. If someone brings me a triplemochalattechocolatewhipcreamdon'tsparethehorses beverage as a "gift" because I'm looking a wee bit tired, I will suck that puppy down with gusto and then wait for the unpleasant heart palpitations to kick into high gear! They never fail me. I can set my watch by their arrival. I can then get down to the business of trying to prevent myself from going into a full blown panic attack because, naturally, I'm sure I'm heading straight on, full tilt boogy for a heart attack! So, for ME, caffiene can and does cause anxiety when I go over my tolerated dosage. Can you try NOT drinking it for a few days and see if that helps your anxiety? And don't switch to Mt.Dew! BAAAAAD move, that. Drink gobs of water and juices. But be aware that stopping the caffiene cold turkey can and probably will give you monster headaches, which you won't die from, you'll just wish you could. Like any addictive substance, you must taper yourself slowly. Xanax withdrawl I can speak with authority about.........the coke, not so much. I would possibly suggest you toss back a good couple jiggers of the brew and the next time the urge comes to get you, drink some water or juice in it's place. Keep cutting down until you've pretty much stopped the cokeaholism. Just a thought.
Good luck
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