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Anxiety without actual anxiety?

I am a 17 year old female :)

After several months, many exhausting medical tests (very expensive...) and normal results, I've been getting frustrated. I've been suffering quite a host of symptoms that have started to affect my relationships, work and study and I feel as if my doctor is not taking me seriously.

Here is a list of the symptoms that I am experiencing:
-intense fatigue not relieved by sleep
-muscle twitching (all over body, worse when lying down)
-pins and needles/numbness feeling in legs and especially feet
-heart palpitations
-shortness of breath during mild exercise
-mood instability/personality changes/disinterest
-intermittent pelvic/abdominal pain
-persistent pressure headache made worse sometimes by bending over or changing with other symptoms
-confusion and feelings of derealization
-sometimes blurry vision or feeling like objects are closer/farther than they actually are
-difficulty maintaining upright posture when standing - my knees give way and I have to actually try to hold my muscles in place rather than just doing it automatically
-buzzing feeling in my feet and hands

The doctor THINKS I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder... but the problem is... I'M NOT ACTUALLY ANXIOUS!! I don't worry about my symptoms, I don't think I have ALS or MS or a brain tumor or that I'm going to die, I don't agonize over little things or fret about being late to work etc... I have no anxiety WHATSOEVER. In fact, I have a very indifferent attitude to everything lately.

My doctor wants to put me on anti depressant medication and I don't want to go down that path...

My question is: IS IT POSSIBLE TO HAVE GAD AND NOT BE CONSCIOUSLY AWARE OF ANXIETY? I have symptoms very consistent with anxiety and yet I'm not anxious. My close friends and family are also VERY skeptical about the anxiety because they know how "chill" I am about everything. Can you suppress feelings of anxiety or stress?

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Hi, many people who have anxiety can appear to be just fine on the outside, and not feel anxious.  You mention that you have a very diferent attitude about everything lately, what about before?  If you were stressing over things before it may be showing up as anxiety now. I'm assuming you've see a neurologist to rule out any neurological problems?  If so, then you truly need to look at anxiety as your problem. Anxiety usually has a root cause and with therapy you can find out what that is and deal with it.  Traumatic events can happen to us during our lives and although we think we've dealt with them, we haven't and it rears it's ugly head as anxiety. It may even be something you've totally forgotten about, and therapy will help you discover what this is so you can deal with it properly.  Headaches that hurt more when you bend over are usually sinus headaches. You've explored every other reason for this, why not try anxiety?  If you read through the many stories on here you will find people with the same symptoms as yours, you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. You have to treat anxiety like any other condition, if they discovered you had diabetes you wouldn't think twice about taking medication for it, and anxiety in no different.  But I do think you should start therapy to help you with this.  With being so young you may be able to beat this with therapy alone and no medication.  But do what is needed to get better, you have a whole lifetime ahead of you.  We hear from a lot of teens with anxiety, so know you're not alone, and others will be offering advice to you as well,  so stay with us, we're happy you are here. Take care....
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Anxiety without anxiety. It sounds like a bad Irish joke. But you are obviously experiencing some symptoms, that are clearly there, and are hitting you, not as if they are not hitting you, you do feel them, as you have listed them. And they are what you need to take care of. My only problem would be that you are as a chilled as an Eskimo in winter time. So to give you anti anxiety medication may be a bad idea in this case. As it is designed to chill you out even more. But you are relaxed enough as it is. But if everything else came back negative, what other options are there for doing away with your symptoms? Theraphy, as mentioned, might do the trick alone. I won't use the diabetes one. Someone wrote that the other day in the post and it was obviously read and used again as a good one liner. So is there such thing as a medication that can lift your symptoms and not chill you out? I doubt it very much. If you are as relaxed as you say you are you may end up in a zombie like state. Far to out of it. And that wouldn't be the answer. How about alternative treatments. You ever considered them? There is an alternative forum here on MedHelp. That way it will cut out anxiety medication. Just an option to consider. Works for some. Does nothing for others. I see nothing to lose at all by giving it a shot. If you want to avoid anxiety medication.
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Thanks guys :)

mammo - I haven't yet seen a neurologist (that's the last on the list...) so I can't rule it out completely at the moment. Before I never really stressed/worried about things either. I was always the calm one when it came to exam time!
Therapy seems like a good idea, at least to give it a try. I'm open to lots of things, such as alternative treatments like you mentioned MrGreen so I'll investigate everything and get back to you with progress.

Thanks for your help!
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Hi,i know how u feel there,i was too never an anxious stress person,till i had all this anxiety panic symptoms like palpitations,chest pressure and dizziness all day long,went to see a cardiologist did all test all came back normal so i assume heart is okay.but still i am feeling all those dizziness etc..so my Medical doctor refer me to see a neurologist on 24 june,thats a long way to go i know.My cardiologist said my symptoms could be anxiety related but when i told him i do not feel stress or anxious..he was scratching his head and refer me to see a psychiatry,which i havent book an appointment yet but i can see him anytime but before that i want to see my neurolgist next month just to make sure everything is fine before i started thinking and attending counselling with the psychiatry.
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