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I have anxiety, since going around for the last three months, i have been taking alprazolam, but my insurance doesn't pay for that no more, so now i'm taking lorazepam/ativan it works fast, but for a short time--what other medication besides ativan can i take. thanks...
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Ativan only does work in the short term and one can build tolerance to it and it is usually prescribed short term on an as needed basis.  There are other benzos and anitdepressants that are typically prescribed more long term.  But remember, in my opinioin, these medications will not 'cure' you of anything.  In my experience they can be a useful tool in helping you confront your anxiety, but I believe the most important step you can take would be to go to see a therapist and learn and gain knowledge about why you are experiencing and how to beat it.  And remember, not to do anything on your own with medications...always do it under the advice of a doctor....keep us posted!
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