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I have been to the doctor many times for pain in my upper left abdomen and in the chest on the left side and center. The first time I really noticed it it was right after sex and I was very short of breath, had the pain, felt dizzy, and actually started seeing dots and other things. I went to the ER that night. I have had quite a bit of blood work done (not exactly sure what they were though), abdominal xray, chest xray, ekg, abdominal ultrasound, and an endoscopy. At first, everyone chalked it up to reflux, but I have had hearburn and indigestion in the past and I knew that this wasnt it. After about 8 weeks of reglan, prilosec, and zantac I had the endoscopy and found that everything was normal. The doctor put me on Zoloft because they now say it is anxiety. Ive been on it for a few weeks and it seems to be helping somewhat. He said that it would get me balanced and ween me off of it after 6 or 8 months.  I also noticed that when I drink alcohol, my symptoms seem to get worse for a few days. I also cant seem to drink as much as I used to be able to. For a while, everytime I went to eat at a restaurant, these symptoms get worse and I just could not eat. I havent had this happen for a couple of weeks, so maybe the zoloft is helping. I also have IBS and am on miralax for it; it seems to work quite well and only have problems when I forget to take it. Do these symptoms indicate anxiety or an anxiety disorder? Or is there something else I should tell the doctor to look for?
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It is hard to believe that anxiety can do that to you but reading your statement,  it seems that all the things have been done on your check - up to rule out any serious illnesses that could cause the symptoms you are experiencing.
If you already feel that Zoloft is working for you, then that confirms even more so that the symptoms were caused by anxiety.
These medications usually start showing there full benefit in about 6 to 8 weeks.
The Doc. also might have to adjust the dosage until it fits your needs. Trust the Doc on this one, because they are familiar with the symptoms not only from books but also from the reoccurring statements of patients.
I wish you the best of luck!!!
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Stuff like that can in face be caused by anxiety. It's your bodies way of coping. Drugs aren't always a way to go though. Often, drugs will just hide the pain and make it harder to deal with what's really going on. All too often we get caught up in life that we neglect the most important thing, our bodies.

Evaluate your life. See what stressers are present and try to take care of them. Consider making a list as far back as 1 year. There may be something you need to deal with in order to move on, and get rid of the pain.
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i take zoloft for depression
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Thanks all. I have had quite a bit of anxiety feelings in the past but none as serious as this. Im just glad that I can actually eat at a restaurant now (I couldnt before not just with groups, but with my wife or me alone). Its weird how simple circumstances your body can create such anxiety. I will stick with the sertraline and see if that will fix things, or at least get me to the point where I can fix other things in my life.

Regarding my current situation, I can see where I could be more anxious than before, I just didnt think it would do this to me. A year and a half ago I graduated from college and couldnt find a job in my area. So the next semester I started graduate school. I have one semester left until I graduate with my masters and still havent found a job. I also helped a friend open his second restaurant (maybe my history as a cook has something to do with anxiety while eating at a restaurant? Just seems wierd) and I manage it while I try to launch my career.

I have fainted as a child many times, could that have been anxiety too? I just assumed it was low blood sugar because my mom said she thought that was it.
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I went to the ER Sunday because I had a laceration and had to get stiches. When I noticed I was bleeding, I realized that I needed to go in and clean it up because I was doing yard work and it was probably quite dirty. While I was cleaning it I realized that it probably needed stiches. About half way through cleaning it, I started getting really dizzy (I really hadnt lost that much blood and am not anemic). So I just got a paper towel to cover it and called my neighbor to take me to the hospital. While I was waiting on my neighbor, I got extremely faint and pretty much passed out except i was barely conscious. Im not sure how I stayed conscious, but I did. Then when he came in I started getting less faint. At the hospital, I waited a while before getting stitches. When they finally did them, I was ok through the shots (they kind of hurt but not too bad). When he started actually stitching it up, I again got extremely faint and had to force myself not to pass out. There wasnt any pain so I know that wasnt it. Do I just get extremely anxious in circumstances like these? Is there any way I can fight this? I noticed the same thing when I was getting my tattoo. It didnt hurt too bad, but I think I just get extremely anxious to the point Im going to pass out.
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And when I gave blood, now everytime I see a needle I start to get anxious.
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