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I have recently been diagnosed with central and perifhial vertigo and because it get reall y bad sometimes and there is nothig I can do about it but take motion pills I end up very depressed and at night I feel like I am having a heart attack I ended up in the ER and my blood pressure was fine they did an EKG it was fine a CAT fine and after awhile it just passed.  I get shaky cold and hot and feel really light headed when I get these at night and usually I only get them at night does this sound like anxiety or a panic attack...
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Yes these symptoms do sound like they can be anxiety.
It sounds like you have sought medical advice and someone suggested it was anxiety.
You can't rule out something else causing you these problems also.  Anxiety is something everyone gets and this makes it all the more difficult to diagnose an anxiety disorder.
Thus my usual suggestion .... seek psychiatric help and take it from there.
I'm confident you can get help for your symptoms.
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thanks for the feed back  I ended up having my Doctor paged and she told me I was having a high level anxiety attack and told me to double the meds I was taking.  Sure enough it has calmed down but I feel its just lingering waiting till its time for me to go to sleep cause that when I get it.  I did turn on a relaxing music and sounds application on the computer and that actually made me feel relaxed so i will try that before I go to bed.  At this pont I dont think I need to seek psychiatric help, i was diagnosed with a very weired vertigo central and Pherial and there is nothing they can do so i am always either spinning or I feel like I am sitting on water and it becomes to much at time and I get depressed and than here comes the anxiety...Thanks again
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