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I have been dignosed with General Anxiety Disorder.Now at times I expierence numbness in hands and feet, Didnt know if that was normal or not. I have not had an actual anxiety attack in the past week. But still feel the numbness, in my feet and hands the Dr says it normal but I think they are full of it..I think anxiety affects people differently, but I didnt thinbk it could cause this to hppen and feel like it never goes away.

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If you read the many posts on here you will find that many suffer from numbness with anxiety.  But I hope they have ruled out all other causes before deciding this!  You don't want them to "assume" it's anxiety without first checking you out thorughly. Are you in therapy or on medication for your anxiety?
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Anxiety can cause all kinds of feelings, and numbness is certainly one of them. If your doctor is aware of your anxiety and he says it is nothing, then I would try not to worry too much about it. However, if he is NOT aware of your anxiety condition, then I would tell him about it and how it seems to correlate with your being anxious.

Just another thougth, have you seen a chiropractor for this? Sometimes when a nerve is pinched in our lower or upper back, we will experience this numbness, I know I sure do, and the more the nerves are pinched the more the numbness.
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anxiety can make you feel just about anything, it effects our life, me too i suffer from anxiety 14years ago until now.
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Thankyou Everyone for your input. I am just tired of going to the Doctors and them sending me home saying its just anxiety...Now I have noticed at times I am not tingling as bad. Also to dont know if its from laying on that side but on my left side my shoulder along the back along with a pinch under the armpit and a lil sore in front shoulder area near chest, I have been freaking myself out about that didnt know if it was a muscle I could of pulled, I have never pulled one there before.I do to some mornings wake up feeling sick and sometimes nauseas sometimes durningthe day I feel sick , I have a bad stomach which I think is from nerves, I hope.... They did blood work on me and checked my kidney, liver,pancreas, and gall bladder which turned out good....still dont ,know if bloodwork is enough to tell if there is really anything wrong..They diagnosed me with gastrtis for the burning in my stomach and told me to take prilocec which I did for 2 days cause I have the heartburn which was horrible, and the pressure I was having in my head behind my ears was from sinus, being that the sudafed was only giving me temp relief then coming back The dr gave the flonase and that helpesd alot..As far as the Celexa they gave me that only lasted me 3 days before I stopped it, I am not taking n e of them pills....
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Hi every thing you are experiencing are classic signs of anxiety,most of us if not all have had these symptoms that you are suffering at the mo. the aimis to try to deal with these feelings,and try not to over analyse them because that will make you feel ten times worse,try going out for a walk or do a crossword,when you feel anxious,go see a friend,anything that will you help you forget you symptoms.The docs offered me anti depressants,but i didnt want them soi bought kalms they seem to help,just keep talking to us we canall help each other.be happy
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Thankyou!!! I have been so worried about all this I actual have been geting sick, but part of that could be I am taking Amoxicillian for a tooth and havent been eating too much. Is nausea a sympton of Anxiety?
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yeh,you can evenfeel like you have the flu at times aswell,its all part of the way we feel,run down and low
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Thankyou cause Its hard because I am a hypochondriac so having the nausea all of a sudden since yesterday has scared me and makes me feel like I am dying from Cancer..Its scary...I cant wait till all of this stuff goes away and I can be normal again and actually enjoy my wonderful life, I feel at times I am going crazy....
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you said it you got a wonderful life so try to chillout and live it we only gets one chance at life so go go go, you aint got cancer or anything like thatits just your mind trying which you are letting play tricks onyou,be happy you deserve it
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Thankyou Chesh I really do appreciate your kind words,, I hope you are right!! Thats why I wish all this anxiety would go away so I can be happy again like I was a month ago... I know it will all happen sooner or later, I keep trying to think positive, it just seems like evryday seems like I have a different symptom, maybe that is just the hypochondriac coming out in me cause I am a hypochondriac, I really hope you are doing well with your anxiety...
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We can all be hypochndriacs at times,but yours is def your anxiety it is a horrible thing to try to overcome,but sooner or later you will reconize your symptoms and relate them to the anxiety and know that you are not ill and you will put it to the back of your mind and occupy yourself with something else,then you will see these things fade,Iam ok at the mo with my anxiety thanks.
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What about the joint pain and the nause? The joint pain is in my wrist?
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