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    What i have with this lightheaded/dizziness weird headed thing, seems to be something with lots of various answers and it could be's.....could be this, could be that....they all seem so right on too. First I thought,ear infection/vertigo, then brain damage of some sort, then spine or neck thing, then allergies, then anxiety for sure, and then labrynthin-something or other now maybe specifically G.A.D. Man I'm exhausted reading and guessing! Anyway the question is where do I start?? I saw two doc's that said vertigo but I'm not completely convinced. Seeing an E.N.T in two days. What do i ask and say to make sure I get properly diagnosed? I guess my fear is him just saying the same thing and dismissing this as nothing and then it turns out to be something that I could have prevented. HELP PLEASE??!!
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Getting a good diagnosis is sometimes a trial and error thing.  Especially when anxiety is iinvolved.  You have to look into all possibilities and don't let this process frustrate you.
Rule out all the things it might be until you narrow the field down to what really is the problem.
So many ailments can present with symptoms that are the same as anxiety disorder.
When you see the ENT be frank and simply explain all the symptoms you are having and have been troubled by.  Explain the treatment you have already had and what the findings were.   Let the ENT explore the things he specializes in and hope he tells you that he can't find anything.  Remember you can have symptoms that can be caused by a number of things.
Many doctors may dismis your symptoms as 'that's just anxiety'.  Well sometimes, for some of us, that's just like saying 'you don't have high blood pressure.  Don't worry it's just your badly clogged coronary arteries'!   Your in the anxiety forum so there must be an indication that you have an anxiety problem.  So since you are exploring ALL options be sure to explore this too.  Doing this entails a visit to a psychiatrist for proper diagnosis.  Stop guessing and go to the person that can help you.  Your symptoms are so common with anxiety/depression.  Keep checking out your other concerns but keep in mind that anxiety disorder is a serious problem and needs to be looked into as much, if not moreso then the other things your checking.  Take care.
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