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On a daily basis I get this unexplained feeling, usually several times a day and varying in duration. It's just this really uneasy feeling, like the kind of feeling you get when somethings about to happen... I dno it's really hard to explain. This started about 3 months ago. I have always been a worrier also, and scared to stay at home alone and everything like that. I also started having palpitations when this started 3 months ago, these also occur on a daily basis. Sometimes when I have the palpitations I also feel like my heart races and I get really nervous and shaky feeling. I have had an ekg, echo and wore a holter monitor. I have pvcs and pacs but other than that the cardiologist found nothing wrong. My general doctor believes I have anxiety which may be attributing to my palpitations. Do you all think this could be anxiety because if it's not I have no idea what this terrible feeling is that I have daily. It's really starting to get to me. The palpitations more than the anxiety, because I guess that goes hand in hand. But the palpitations are really scaring me more than the anxiety. I wanted to try and deal with it myself but I'm beginning to think I may need some kind of short term medicine to get it under control.
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See a psychiatrist regarding this because they are most knowledgeable in regards to treatment.  The palpitations scare you which in turn creates worse palpitations, which then raises your anxiety.....it's a vicious cycle.  Anxiety feeds off our fears and worry, creating the symptoms you describe.  When we get anxious our heart rate automatically rises, so try not to let the palpitations worry you since you have had all the tests, and see if you can calm yourself down.  You're not alone, and I think we all try to beat anxiety on our own before realizing that we need help.  This is okay, anxiety is no different than any other medical condition that needs medication to help control the symptoms.  Sometimes therapy alone can help, but this is something you and the psychaitrist can decide. You're not alone, we understand and care, and there is help.  Take care.
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Sorry you are going through such a hard time right now.  Anxiety is extremely difficult and it is not always the same for everyone.  

Mammo is right about it being a vicious cycle.  Once you get stuck in it, it is really hard to get out of it.  I agree that seeing a psychatrist would be a good for you.  Together you can figure out the best treatment plan for you.  That may or may not include medication.

You can also try keeping a journal.  Sometimes just writing about what is going can be helpful.

Please know that you are not alone and you can overcome this.  I hope you feel better soon....
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It helps so much to be able to talk about this & know theres other people who understand what I'm going through! Is there something usually that triggers someone to start having these episodes of anxiety. I'm jw because I just started having these out of the blue, and now it's a daily thing.
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Yes definitely anxiety. I get PACs randomly and even during exercise at peak levels. I had it all checkec out and researched for a year and this is what I found out. Panic and anxiety sufferers are more body sensation aware so concentrate more on symptoms. Also with the release of epinephrine and noroepinephrine it can stimulate and aggravate parts of your heart triggering the PACs and PVC. They are right It is a vicious circle, the more you worry the more adrenaline release, then more pac's, then more panic etc. Don't worry with a normal echo and ekg pvcs are no threat to life and health.
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I have had so many people say these are normal. But it still just doesn't seem normal for my heart to do this. I am just scared it is going to lead to something more than this. I mean theres times when the beats feel really strong and they feel as if they come two times in a row, or atleast very close together. This sometimes last for up to an hour off and on. Do you think that if I treat the anxiety with medication, etc. then it will make the palpitations decrease or stop??
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Hello there, well all the symptoms u described above are all due to your anxiety. Well to say, the same episode happened with me one week ago while sitting on the bed, suddenly i got the feeling that my heart is hitting against my chest wall. Being a last grade medical student, flight of different diagnostic thoughts were coming to mind. And that was hell scary. I did an ECG in hospital and consulted my own cardiology professor and all was normal. This was hard for me as i was studying and had to do examination on people with differential heart diseases and all of these symptoms were not different from mine. The more anxious u become about ur heart, the more u will feel it pounding. Just ignore the thing that its pounding and how to do that? Well medication is not the first line of choice. First, change ur mind set, think good,think for ur best...do meditation that greatly helps and practice deep breathing in the early morning...this will take time to be controlled but practice everyday and u will see positive results or later.
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I too am in the medical field, and I think it makes it that much worse. Just because of knowing more about different diseases and things that can go wrong. I do agree about the medicine not being the first line of choice. I have never liked the thought of even taking medicine. I rarely ever even take cough medicine or even tylenol. But this has been eating at me for months now, the palpitations happening every day and I'm just to the point where I want something that is going to help this. I need to start working out again and see if that helps. Has anyone had positive results with your anxiety by working out?
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Same sensations and more.Went to  DRS . No heart problem:ANXIETY!!
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Well i got positive results by ignoring my anxiety. It all sets off by a single trigger, so u should avoid the trigger itself. What to do is to think positive and meditate and go out for exercise, dnt stay still even a single minute, try to look for somethng to do always. This will definitely help you. It's good to know that you are in the med field. Be positive and good. Take Care.
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I am trying to stay positive and ignore it. I don't really know what triggers it so I can't eliminate what is causing it. I'm gonna start excercising again and see if that will help me. I am just trying to avoid taking medication... I'm really afraid of becoming addicted to something. So I will try every possible solution before I try that.
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You do not need to know what is causing it as this is a vicious cycle. What you should know is how to tackle it, do not even fight against. The mind is stronger than you think. So compromise with it and when thoughts come, just say nothing is real, all is well. Start singing loud, do things that will keep your mind away from thoughts. Easy to say but difficult to do, but with time, it will make you feel better. Exercise well, do deep breathing and try on helping people around you. Make them feel happy, but talking sweet words, share your love and make happiness reign. You will in return be happy. Trust me on this.
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The palpitations concern me more than anything else. My anxiety really hasn't been that bad but I continue to have the palpitations. Does anyone know how common palpitations are? Is it normal that I sometimes feel like I have two or three in a row?  The ones that come multiple times are what scares me the most... I'm afraid my hearts going to get out of rythem and its not gonna go back to beating normally... like ventricular tachycardia or something like that.
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Your case is as similar as mine, and today i went to see my cardiology teacher and carried out a chest x-ray, a UCG, and ECG. All came out normal. This phenomena is common in youngsters and those undergoing anxiety. Its a normal sinus rhythm. She told me not to pay attention to this thing and to keep myself busy. Palpitations are normal reaction to body conditions.
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Does anyone else seem to get palpitations at the same time everyday, or after eating a meal??
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Wonder if anyone is still around - all these notes are from 2010. It is now 2013. If anyone is around, this is my problem: I've been taking Lorazepam for years (.5 mil 3 times a day). Moved to another state, ran out of the pills and thought I'll just stop taking them. Ha. The psychiatrist never told me how addictive they are. I went nuts, heart pounding, shaking, weird, horrible thoughts! I had two of the pills left, took one one day and felt great. Horrible the next few days, took the pill and great. Now I've been off the pills for a couple of weeks or more, went to doc, he gave me lorazepam. Taking .5 mil 3 times a day again.  It calms me, BUT I'm still having the palpitations!! Why? Does anyone (if there is anyone around) know??
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