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My daughter has been on Effexor XR 150 MG for about a year.  She recently found out that her insurance would not pay for this medicine.  Her Dr. put her on Zoloft without wheening her off of the Effexor XR.  She is experience symptoms that include feeling very dizzy and nausea.  Is this Dr. correct prescribing her this new medicine without slowly wheening her off of the Effexor XR.  Are these symptoms due to her going "Cold Turkey" with the Effexor XR?  Please advised.  Thanks
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Effexor and Zoloft are two different meds. Yes, I think it would have helped if her Dr would have weaned her off the Effexor. What she's going through is withdrawal from the Effexor. Can she ask her Dr if he has any samples of the Effexor so she can wean off of it? I'm really not sure if she can take these two meds together or not. She may have to wean and then go on the Zoloft.    Remar
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They normally will wean you off one while adding the other.  Is she seeing a psychiatrist for her medications?  They are most knowlegeable, and seeing a GP for these types of meds can just create problems.  She needs to let her doctor know how she is feeling, this can be withdrawal, the two medications, or Zoloft may not be the right medication for her.  Either way, she needs to do this under the guidance of a psychiatrist.  If it were me, I'd go back on the Effexor and find a qualified psychiatrist.  Take care.
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