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I have a problem of skipped beats but it is not a problem because they have been checked. The main problem is as a result now I am constantly worrying that I will have a heart attack or something. This worry is with me everyday. I get a fullness feeling in chest. My question is can this sort of constant worries lead to serious problems or not
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Im not sure,i have just recently had the same problem,i begain to show real signs of anxiety symptoms that mimic heart attacks etc very scary,i was put on beta blockers and that feeling of constant fear subsided,the heart pulpatations or flutters have been ever constant throughout,ive just come off the pills..not sure yet but i feel much better than b4 i was on them!i think you should raise your concerns with your doctor because u dont want the worry to go too far!
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Anxiety can worsen and hold you hostage with varying degrees of symptoms.  Constant stress and worry is not good for us long term, so the sooner you get control of this....the better.  You're obviously healthy, and now you need to accept this.  I know this is easier said than done and this is where therapy plays a big part in you getting better.  It will teach you how not to obcess over your health. Your fears and worrying are fueling your anxiety and keeping it strong......creating your symptoms.  Rid yourself of this fear and worry and this will starve your anxiety so you can get better.  You need therapy and/or medication to help with all this, only a specialist can determine what is best for you. You need to be living and enjoying your life, not worrying it away. See a psychiatrist to address the anxiety and go from there. Best wishes!
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Such wise words from Mammo and Wang!  I completely agree that the physical symptoms of anxiety are horrible.  I do know that keeping your body in a constant "fight or flight" state wears down the immune system.  There have been many published, peer-reviewed journal articles to this effect, so I feel confident in this fact.  A lowered immune response can make you more susceptible to colds, flus, viruses, etc.  There have been some studies on the long-term cardio effects of anxiety disorders, but I haven't really read them to tell you the truth.  Can you say denial?!  Anyway, I agree that asking your psychiatrist is the best course of action.  BTW, the best way to reverse the suppression of your immune system is to be sure you are eating nutritionally sound meals, be sure you are getting 8 hours of sleep at night, and practice either relaxation/meditation daily.  When the body achieves the relaxation response from either relaxation or meditation, the fight or flight hormones back down a bit and gives our bodies a chance to recharge.  In my opinion, therapy and medication and meditation have helped me the most in controlling the physical symptoms of my anxiety.  Do see someone about this, life can be so much better!  I wish you peace.  Jen
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My original experience with anxiety came about with concerns about my heart health.  I too got the 'all clear' but I was constantly worried that the doctors could have missed something.  I felt every pain, skipped beat, etc., and I had a difficult time believing that it could be do to anxiety (which it was).  In my opinion, when we worry about something, we tend to focus in on what we are concerned about.  I became so 'hyper-sensitive' about anything going on in and around my chest that naturally I felt every little symptom that I percieved was out of the ordinary.  Furthermore, I also misinterpreted any feeling related to my heart as something catastrophically wrong with me, when in fact aches and pains are a part of everyday life.  

I believe that the best approach I took was going to see a therapist.  First, it shed some light on a confusing subject for me and helped me to confront my health anxiety.  Second, I realized that what I was experiencing was quite common with many people.  By learning about the sources of anxiety, I learned to deal with it.  I still feel most of what I felt in the past when I focus in on it, but I just realize that it won't hurt me....it was hard at first, but as you learn to confront it, the concerns slowly get smaller and smaller....keep us posted!
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