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Hi i have had anxiety now since sept 2010, i don't know what had started it off but i do know its ruining my life!!! i had health anxiety in 2009 where i kept thinking i had cancer etc but had some therapy and got over it! Now it has come back with sooooo many physical symptoms and worst of all panic attacks!! the doc put me on medication and done some tests, ECG, blood tests and chest x ray everything came back fine!! but i don't feel fine i wish i did it started with a pain in my left chest thought it was a heart attack or stroke, that went then i had to give up smoking 4 months ago where i kept thinking i couldn't swallow now i have been feeling breathless for the last 2 weeks!! Don't know how much more i can take!! i feel im going mad sometimes.My husband is so supportive but no one really understands until they have been through it. Sometimes i wonder is this really anxiety?? xxxx
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My own experience with anxiety is that it can be terrifying and paralyzing. I had a similar experience with chest pain and had the ECG and yes, everything was normal. Maybe your anxiety has manifested into physical symptoms? If you're open to medication, please see a professional. But if you're not, I can give you some tips about keeping grounded and in the moment.
I just posted this to another member but this is called grounding: sit in a chair, both feet on the floor, hands on your legs or on your stomach. Close your eyes. Breathe deeply through your stomach. Concentrate on breathing with your stomach. Concentrate on your "touch points", meaning: feet on the floor, bum in the chair, hand on your body, your moving stomach, inhaling and exhaling. This may sound like absolutely hippy crap, but it works. It may take practice, but it keeps you in the moment. Any general meditation can help anxiety and keep you in the moment.
One step at a time, my friend. Good luck.
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It is terrifying it just bothers me what has bought it all on! Thank you so much for your help i will try that!! i'm wiling to try anything.....! Just sometimes i am stronger then other times i try and get it in my head that it is just anxiety but the physical symptoms worry me so much that i think more in depth what it could be it doesn't help i look up every symptom on google!!

Thank you so much for your help xxx
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Sometimes we don't know what triggers anxiety, or why. It seems to be in my case anyway that mine stems from LONG ago. My dad was killed when i was 11 and i am very afraid of death and illness. I think maybe if we get 'checked out' it will make us feel better. I have alot of physical anxiety symptoms...and i haven't learned yet how to live with them, or recognize them all. I am going to counseling (which i really like who i'm going too) but it's a process. It seems that physical feelings will throw me into anxiety. I always feel like i just drank a bunch of caffeine when i'm going through something. It's hard to wrap your mind around that anxiety can actually do all of this, but i guess it's true. :( I have heard that our way of thinking makes a difference, and it can manifest its self in physical symptoms. I tried the looking up the symptoms and well...i def would not do that! It turns me into a hypo and something that already has health anxiety it will do that.
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Well i am currently having cbt which helps to a certain extent and am on medication but don't want to be on this forever! My therapist says it could be anything but i feel i need to know so i can do something about it!! if that makes sense. She said it could be the fact that in the last 3 years i have had stress i.e getting married, build up for our honeymoon, working 70 hours week!! or it could be my job as i am a care assistant i see illness almost everyday!! but it all started before i went to florida last year i was so looking forward to it as soon as we were there....bang i couldn't leave the room for a few days, had panic attacks which ruined my whole holiday!! I'm sorry to hear about your dad. If you don't mind me asking what sort of physical symptoms do u have??? Anxiety is a strange thing but your right it is hard to wrap ur mind around the effects it has on our mind and body!
Thank u so much for ur post nice to have someone to talk to that is experiencing this xxx
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Well mine also started after i got married. My mom had panic attacks after my dad was killed..along with depression and anxiety. I was nothing like that until after i got married and moved out, and then it was like BOOM! I got married, started a new job, it all came crashing down from there. I woke up with a fast heart rate (always a classic sign for me) had to go to the hospital. Went through all the test. They said i had a faster heart rate but nothing to be concerned with, and said anxiety. Got put on Zoloft. Honestly..when i look back, i went through periods where i always thought something was wrong with me. Once i thought i had MS, and then i had a MRI and that fear went away. But then another fear would come up, and go away when i had it ruled out. This happened just a couple times in a few years. I then got pregnant, had a fast heart rate. Had all the test again...and said it's because i was pregnant. They see alot of women like that. Had my little boy heart rate went back down. I had maybe like one or 2 panic attacks a year, i would take a xanax, and be ok. In the back of my mind, i guess i have always worried and been a worrier. Mostly about health anxiety. For some reason after i got my flu shot last year (i put a post up about it yesterday) my anxiety got different and worse to me. I will feel like i drank 10 cups of coffee inside, my head feels weird, my heart will beat faster, i tend to get cold. I get really depressed and wonder if i'm going crazy. My mornings seem to be worse. I tend to get out of breath easily when i feel like this. I usually call my mom for support. I am on medicine right now...but i think i need to be switched. I didn't want to be on meds...and my goal was to get off eventually. But it's not going to happen at this time. I am talking to a therapist and we are going to start CBT soon. I am still in the beginning with all of this and i also question if it's really anxiety alot.Now if i'm having a panic attack...which knock on wood hasn't happened for a bit...my heart races, i literally tremble, get cold, nausea. It *****. I am young and feel i am the only young person to have this. My husband and i were going to try for another kid in the fall...but now i'm not so sure about that. :(
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We sound very alike!! it took me a long while for me to take medication i was too stubborn and thought i could fight this alone and i was scared of the side effects, then i just couldn't take no more of the panic attacks my mum was worried and my husband!! But like yourself i have always been a worrier and the anxiety has always revolved around my health! My doctor has mentioned for me to have a child as maybe this would take the focus off my health and myself. I couldn't have a child yet i'm too scared of the pain lol, an d i want to have a child for the right reasons not for this! Hopefully the CBT will help you through this and then you can try for another child :) I don't know about you but i am very impatient and want it to go away over night, i feel im wasteing my life with all this but just can't stop my way of thinking xx
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i know how u feel iv been suffering for years u need to see some one its good to talk to someone who isnt involved it helps i still get attacks every now and again hope all goes well u r not alone x
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I'm so sorry to hear you all going through this, I myself have suffered the same way. It just came over  me suddenly, Long working hours, non stop stress from my husband and two small children. It got so bad that I couldn't make it through a night at work. I took medications, and stopped then someone prescribed me wellbutrin, I started having thoughts back and forth that I dont want to die, I want to see my children get married, then in a second I would be thinking about how I wanted to die...this would happen as i was sitting at work. It was in that moment that I told myself, I wasn't going to be a victim to this anymore. Trust me, It was really bad, I was so sick, so many trips to the ER, I thought I was dying...So so many episodes, they started lasting through my sleep, I would wake up still having an episode. Once I put my mind to it, that was the begining of recovery for me. I tried different things, to feel better when it would happen. I surpressed the episodes. I stopped them from coming, I was so happy, I was beating it. Once I realized that I wasn't going to die, for real, I could just carry on, even when it was starting. Also I get a lot more rest than I used to, I figured out that fatigue would trigger it. I think its my preocupation with my moment of death and how i will die that really bothers me. I always think im dying when it happens, because it feels like it. It feels like my soul is litterally splitting apart from me and slipping away. I dont know, all i know is i had it really REALLY bad, but now, I can say its been at least a year since i've had an anxiety attack. My doctor says i am having atypical migraines, I think this must be whats been going on for a while also, and would set me off in a frenzy because I didnt know what was happening to me. I was getting headaches and blurry vision, I would get all worked up and end up feeling as though i wouldnt make it through. Now i just see it through, and carry on. I really hope that something works out for you because i know its just so terrible, all i could do was hope and pray that it would go away because it is indeed nothing less than devistating. God bless.
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