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I have had severe anxiety for 11 months now I already posted a comment in January about it and it has since gotten worse, I don't know what to do they have put me on celexa, and Vistaril for anxiety and still can barely go out in public, I can't go to offices and stores where I have to talk to people 1 on 1 I get so nervous and almost paralyzed that I can't move or talk, I don't know what to do anymore, my son came to live me last week and I have to go to social security to switch payees and I know I won't be able to get through the appt. does anyone know if I tell them about my problem if there is exceptions, and maybe they do interviews on the phone, and I can fax paper work over I just don't know what to do to deal with this problem
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What you absolutely cannot do is give in and stop doing the normal everyday things that make up life otherwise you have no life.  

Who is prescribing the meds?  A GP or a p-doc?  An evaluation needs to be made of your current meds to see why they are not working.  Perhaps it is dosage or perhaps they are the wrong ones for you.  Ideally this should be done by a psychiatrist.  Also you did not mention learning cognitive behavioral therapy.  CBT goes a long way in helping with anxiety.  Most people use both CBT and meds. So if you have not learned CBT, you need to.  

You need to so something because you cannot sit in your home figuring out ways to not go outside.  I hope that you will do a reevaluation as soon as you can.  
I feel very worthless
I cannot even get a date
I'm on SS disability and trying to go back into business but it seems like everyone is out to get me
There's no one who was rejected more than me and I feel left out because all my old friends have wives and girlfriends and when we get together I feel left out
I finally found a psychiatrist who actually listened to me unconditionally and he diagnosed me with social anxiety disorder and he prescribed Abilify in addition to my Wellbutrin but he decreased the dosage from 200mg to 150 mg and also I take klonapin when it's necessary and it's quick relief but I cannot drive after consuming it because it makes me sleepy
I sure abilify will work quickly. Cause I'm vertmy tired of feeling rejection and taking a long time to get over it
I would love to just laugh rejection off and have the good feeling that it's there loss and not mine
Any one out there ever experienced what I'm going through?
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I just wanted you to know before I found
the combo of meds that worked for me
that I was in your same situation.  The
thought of going anywhere made me
very anxious.  My psychaitrst gave me
zoloft and xanax which both helped
tremendously.  I am on zoloft along
with neurontin and abilify now and live
a very normal, happy life.  I hope that
you just need a med change but I
agree with the person above that you
need to be seeing a psychiatrist who
specializes in this problem.  I hope you
find relief soon,

best wishes,
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I know I can't stay in the house, but the anxiety is so bad I have literally been paralyzed sitting in a chair when I went to the dentist one, the waiting area filled up so full that I couldn't breathe and the front desk people told me I had to move because they had to check in patients but I couldn't, then yesterday I went to the bank and cashed a check and felt like I was going to pass out, I started sweating and felt dizzy, the primary doctor gave me the meds for anxiety they are very obviously not working but they won't give me anything else, I know I need to go to the hospital but I can't even make it through the first part of checking in before I have an anxiety attack and have to leave it's sitting in the waiting room that is unbearable and then going in back is bad to, I don't know what to do anymore it's unbearable
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