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My husband had a stroke 10 days ago. I have been experiencing a lot of anxiety which I can't seem to control. I have butterflies in my stomach, my heart beat them ping in my ears. I am on water pills for mild hypertentsion(probably not anymore). My GP gave me a prescription for Lorazepam .5mg which I take only at night to help with sleep.It's during the day when I feel very anxious . I'm so scared that I'll have a stroke and then who will care for my husband. Our children all live out odd town.
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Hello, Im sorry to hear about your husband.  I have suffered with anxiety as well, and it is no fun.  The lorazepam will help for sure but you said it is mostly during the day when you feel the most anxious?  You may try to quarter the lorazepam if you are not driving or operating any thing mechanical.  Definitely ask your doctor first, as I am not one:)  But I have experienced the worrry, and stomach butterflies, and things you have described.  Another non medication way to help is to just take a quick breather...sounds stupid, but it works.  I got into Reiki a few months ago, and it is quite calming.  I use it on myself, and quite often my dog...as he is one of the more anxiety prone breeds.  It has to be terrifying to be in your shoes, I couldn't imagine. But know you're not alone!!!!!   Reach out to others and know that you will get  through this!!  I wish you the best and hopw some/any of this helps:)
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Try eating turkey, & take fish oil once, or twice a day. Take a magnesium supplement.  
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Taking a benzo when you know what's bothering you might not be the best idea, and since it's an addictive drug, taking it every night isn't the best idea -- usually this drug is used as needed.  I don't think you need a magic pill, I think you need help for a real stressful situation.  By the way, benzos aren't a good sleep remedy, since, one, over time they reduce the brain's ability to adapt to stress naturally, and two, they interfere with REM sleep.  You are having a normal reaction to a stressful situation, not suffering from chronic anxiety that has no basis in reality like most of us on here.  Doctors are very quick to hand out drugs because that's all they know how to do.  I'd see a psychologist if you don't have a support network who can help you talk it out and learn some relaxation techniques that don't require you to suppress what you're feeling and that aren't addictive medications.  Hope things get better.
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Thank you so much for your suggestions and concern. I think that because my husband has been so fit all his life that it came as a total shock. On top of it our daughter and son in law were having an urgent financial problem(one of  many others) and we were selling investments to help out which was an added stress. My husband is, according to his recent assessment, is doing better than average. It does put a strain on us as we both get frustrated. We also had to cancel  a long awaited trip to France. I have been on antidepressants for some time and at the moment afraid to stop. I also,see a psycho therapist  from time to time so he saw me last week and helped a lot. I'm realizing I have to stop being a perfectionist(oldest child syndrome!) and not let the little things get to me. I'm also realizing that I have to take care of myself and to say no sometimes. Really hard to do. The reIki sounds like a good idea and I'm going to check it out.Interesting about the meds and sleep. Didn't take one last night but then woke up at 3.30 am.
Thanks again to everyone who answered me . I don't feel so alone now!
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