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Anyone else having these symtoms with anxiety weak legs arms also pain in arm back stomach breathing probs dizzy feeling faint I've had it now for 3 weeks its not a good thing to ave every time I google symtoms about infections etc i always think u got it its wrecking my life I got a baby on the way so really want to b back fit b4 then i got an appointment with anxiety management in 2 weeks quit smoking next week as I heard that also makes anxiety worse am I going the right way about it
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Good job!  You are on the right track.  If you would like some relaxation techniques and/or life-coping skills, just google them.  They can help ALOT in a pinch.  Blessings - Blu
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It sounds bad but when I quit smoking anxiety took over my life I'm slowing getting it back bit I hate smoking and my ep actually told me maybe I should start again. I wish you the best of luck stay strong I quit for my kid and hope it pays off.
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Thanx for the replies thanx blu I will check up on that what have I got to lose new symtom today of headache and pressure on on brain feels like brain is just gonna cut out so hate this anxiety don't wish this upon anyone. My doc nhs all told me to quit smoking cause it makes the anxiety worse i rather quit for my kid and start being healthy and get all this over with
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