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Can anxiety cause a lump feeling in your throat. I had this lump sensation in my throat for months then it went away. Now I have persistent mild nausea everyday for pass 7-8 weeks. My knee hurts too and it's been hurting go two weeks now. I worry alot like everyday. I went to doc for my throat and they mentioned it was related to anxiety. I'm getting blood done and don't what's with my stomach. What comes to mind is std, ulcer, cancer. I was tested for stds and my ex mentioned he was too but I don't know. Can anxiety cause nausea and knee pain?
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Anxiety can cause the feeling of something being in your throat.  It's a psychosomatic symptom that is pretty common.  I'm not a huge fan of wikipedia as a source, but this article is brief and descriptive:


You can do some more searching about it, even though you state that symptom is more or less resolved, I think it will help you have some peace of mind at just how many symptoms can be caused by anxiety.

As for your other symptoms, GI disturbances, such as nausea, diarrhea, appetite changes are one of the more commonly seen anxiety symptoms.  You don't want to assume it's related without checking with your doc first, but most definitely if you struggle with anxiety, that could be the cause of your nausea.

Knee pain, not likely related to anxiety.  Anxiety and depression can cause some aches and pains but something more specific like that is not likely to be caused by anxiety.  I would recommend seeing your doctor about that.
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