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I HATE ANXIETY. I wish there was a magic pill that u can take one time I don't care how strong the pill is. As long as it will never come back. Nice wish huh
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its a great wish and maybe one day they will have that pill but not in my day. lol ive had anxiety most my life it comes it goes , mine is health anxiety. if anything starts to go wrong with my body I get it , I have it now because I need a treadmill stress test and it scares me to Death. lol so dealing with it once I get the test and its over my anxiety will go away. hope you have a better day today.
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Hi there.  Well, if you can come up with that pill,  you'll be a millionaire!  LOL

But there IS medication that you can take once a day at least.  Today's antidepressants prescribed for anxiety are effective and really not too bad for side effects.  most of the side effects happen in the beginning and then they peter out.  Granted, no one wants to take medication if they don't have to and there are cons to taking it, but one has to really judge if the benefit of less anxiety is worth that.  That's up to you and your doctor.

Some lifestyle things do really help with anxiety.  I have found exercise to be a natural way to help. It releases the body's natural 'happy chemical' so is good for mind, body and spirit.  Many enjoy yoga and meditation.  I find being organized and making lists of what I have to do helps me with the anxiety of doing something I don't want to do.  Journaling is another great release.  

And I can't say enough good things about talk therapy!  good luck
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I would venture to say that there are ways to diminish anxiety to almost nothing.  Stress releif, meditation, yoga, creating a sacred place in your home where you can be alone and quiet.  Music you enjoy, positive thinking, RATIONAL thinking.  The list goes on.  If you wind up needing a mild anti-anxiety med, see your doctor.  Blessings - Blu
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Thank you so everyone for responding and giving me  great advice. I really appreciated. Today is little better than yesterday . Hope everyone is doing well.
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So glad to hear you're having a better day.  I strongly recommend buying a few books about anxiety.  They can be so helpful.  I'll post a resource list I comprised.  Pick up one or two and immerse yourself in learning all about it and learning different ways to cope.

Certainly keep the lines of communication open with your doctor too.  Like specialmom said, there ARE many different medications appropriate for anxiety management.  A magic pill would be nice.  If you ever figure that out, be sure to tell us!  :0)  There are many here who would be your first customer, myself included!

Take care!
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Thank you so much. I will definitely look into it.
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