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Can the effects of anxiety linger even after the anxiety goes away?
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What do you mean, effects?
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For ex. I had HIV anxiety for the better part of 2 months.Protected vaginal sex, unprotected oral. Experienced a few according to the internet ARS symptoms then got muscle aches, burning and twitching.

Tested negative at 10.5 weeks

Now I'm really not anxious anymore. I barely even think about it but every now and again for about 2 weeks I get the muscle burning sensation and twitches all over my body and pain.

So I'm asking can the effects of anxiety prevail even after your anxiety goes away?
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In my experience with anxiety, the effects can linger even if you are not aware of it sometimes.  Anxiety can make us both mentally and physically fatigued and that can make us feel like piece of you know what.  In my opinion it can fester in the background unnoticed for a while.  
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Thanks for you pov
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My own view is that if you don't feel anxious it probably isn't anxiety, though I have a lot of respect for CJ and would pay him great heed.
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As someone who has GAD thanks to medication, no, that's not how it works -- you constantly feel very afraid and anxious when you have this, you don't just have some abstract physiological symptoms.  Not saying this person isn't suffering from anxiety, just saying, when you have anxiety you feel anxious.  
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  You have anxiety because you are still winding yourself up over the HIV  so there is no pretending your not . I bet you have a girlfriend and your filled with guilt for having sex with another chick . You had a test for all STD but you wont be same ill you get your final all clear . even though there is not much chance HIV with the oral unless her gums were bleeding and she bit your ****. Even porn stars that insist on a condom still do oral without .  are you going to think this with every girl you kiss , you have more chance  of blood to blood kissing .
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GAD, OCD, Anxiety is different for everyone.  Just because you felt anxious, doesn't mean the next person feels anxious.  They may have a whole different set of symptoms then you.  I know quite a few people who truly have GAD and didn't feel anxious, just felt stressed or constantly felt like they were dying.  Anxiety, as it is diagnosed in psychological tests and the DSM manuals never goes away.  You're brain has activated those pathways and removing those pathways isn't how the brain works.  You can keep it under control and manage it, just never be fully "cured."

Deniko, what you're experiencing is somatization of stress when you feel the pain.  It happens more in certain demographics more than others due to the way the culture is.  Again, once you're brain knows how to take stress out in physical pain, it can't un-learn it.  It's a way for your brain to cope.  I would suggest visiting your doctor and discussing treatment.  Be proactive rather than be reactive.
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