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I am 22 years old and not in the best of shape. A month ago i noticed that I can now see my neck pulsating (right by my collar bone) then my heartbeat is always racing. I got on a diet and started to feel a lot better and my fast heartbeat and neck pulse went away. After losing 10 pounds and feeling great, I decided to check my blood pressure to see if it had gone down. When I checked it, it was 141/94. Later that day my symptoms came back, weird heartbeat and visable neck pulse and feeling like I'm not getting enough oxygen. So I made an appointment with my doctor. She did a bunch of test, she checked to see if I have anemia or hyperactive thyroid (still waiting for results) Then she did a ekg, she said it was abnormal and referred me to a cardiologist. Before I left she made me answer questions to see if I have anxiety, based on the answers I gave she said I do have anxiety. I have been taking the anti anxiety medication for a few day but haven't seen a difference. Has anyone else had this same experience? If so, how did you get over it. This is really taking a toll on my everyday life.
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What medication did she put you on for anxiety?  Did she say what the abnormality is with your heart?  What was your blood pressure at the doctor?  Did she put  you on anything for you blood pressure?  What is your pulse rate?  What is your family health history?  It sounds like she was pretty thorough and for your age, that's great!  Many times, unless you are much older, doctors never seem to take anything seriously.  They seem to love attributing things to depression or anxiety only!  I'm sorry to hear about your problems.  I feel very confident, given your age and determination and with good doctors, you will get through this and will be fine and feeling much better very soon!!  
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Thanks you for answering  db0704 . When I went to the doctor my blood pressure was 151/88 and a pulse of 100. My doctor didn't want to put me on BP medicine yet. She wanted to make sure it wasn't hyperactive thyroid causing the high blood pressure so she is waiting on the results before she puts me on BP medicine. However she did put me on anti anxiety medicine. The anti anxiety she prescribed me was Buspirone. It's a low dose and I take them twice a day. For now I'm taking them until I go to my cardiologist on Tuesday. I'm hoping if I get good results from my cardiologist it will put my anxiety to ease! Thank you for your insight, very much appreciated!
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It does sound like you have a great PC doc!  Lucky you!  Also, the Buspirone is, in my opinion, a great choice!  It's an older med but it is great for anxiety.  Many doctors don't prescribe it anymore and I have no idea why, except they tend to go to the newer, more "in" medications.  Give it time to work, as I'm sure she told you.  If it makes you sleepy, you can take smaller doses in the am and more before bed, so that you still take the  same daily dose.  Of course, your doctor should probably advise you on this.  Good luck, although I have a feeling you are definitely on the right track.  
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