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Hi all. I've had OCD most of my life and anxiety since I was 16. I had fought down my anxiety to a minimum through basically telling myself to do so. However, this past September I had a bad experience with laced weed, and ended up in the ER with basically and anxiety attack. Not long after that I had a panic attack that sent my physical and mental health spiraling out of control. I was diagnosed with anxiety/depression, OCD and possible mixed phase mania/bipolar. I've had all the typical anxiety symptoms, but more than anything I've had a growing sense of daytime sleepiness, disconnectedness from reality and my body, and weird occurrences relating to sleep. It's like a woozy dizzy feeling that comes with a lot of brain fog. On top of that, I've recently been having times when I feel high or almost as if I'm having an orgasm, that sort of toe curling euphoria. Also, my skin gets that feeling that is often associated with being high where it feels like soft fabric is touching your skin. If I focus on these feelings, which are pleasant in the right context but alarming when they come out of the blue, I almost want to smile or laugh. I can sometimes feel myself almost shifting into an altered state of consciousness, especially with my vision getting weird. I've had vision issues through this whole experience, but they were usually at their worst when I was feeling at my worst, rather than with a sort of high feeling. I can't tell if these feelings are due to my lack of sleep that's Come from this experience or some other issue with my brain or body. I've been hypnotized before, and I can say that this feels similar to a trance but way scarier because in a way it's pleasurable. Is it still anxiety giving me a placebo feeling? I'm worried something serious is going to happen to me because anxiety has always made me feel bad, not "good". For some reference, I'm a 20 year old male and fairly athletic(dancer), with good blood tests and blood pressure. Why does anxiety make me feel worked up or way too relaxed but also shaky. Not sure if this is relevant, but when practicing a dancing lift over the course of several months a girl basically fell on the base of my neck several times. A lot of my painful and "pleasurable" symptoms seem focused on the site of the injury. Sorry for the rant but so much is going on. Most of my symptoms fit normal anxiety symptoms at first but have since gotten weirder. Also, I used to smoke weed consistently.
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To add some more descriptions, I feel very trembly, like something is crawling or buzzing within my skin, and it's very easy for me to get zoned out, especially on electronic devices. I feel constantly too tired and too awake,a weird in between state. It's like I'm dreaming almost or falling asleep with my eyes open. It's so, so scary.
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Oh, and as embarrassing as this is, I've felt arousal and numbness in my genitals that is unwarranted, as well as symptoms of a bladder infection without any infection
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Hi there and welcome.  You certainly have a lot going on!  I'm sorry that and hope that these things can be resolved.  A really important question--  are you under a doctors care?  Are you working with a psychiatrist now?  Do you take any medications?  
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There's even more than I mentioned. I have seen several doctors. I have access to my university's health center which really helps. I did see a psychiatrist there, but since I was extremely sensitive to side effects of the medication, we stopped meeting and I stopped taking the medication. I've only been seeing a psychologist since most of these newer symptoms have been occurring.
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Okay, I'm really glad you have medical/counseling services.  That's very important.  I would reconnect with your psychiatrist and again, go over your list of symptoms.  They are extensive and I think working/looking for another medication may be necessary (of course that is between you and your doctor).  The psychologist is really great and definitely keep that up.  Now, often a psychologist and psychiatrist will work together for a person to get the best outcome.  Are your 'people' talking?  Ask them to consult one another.  I think that is helpful so everyone is on the same page with the end goal of you functioning better and feeling better.  Also, if you are self medicating or partying with recreational drugs, I would not do this at this time (as a mom, I'll say or EVER . . .  ha ha)---  just because you don't want to exacerbate symptoms.  

Can you get back in touch with our psychiatrist?  
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I'm thinking that I will, or at least have her recommend a psych outside of my schools health center. They have a huge inflow of students seeking mental health help, so they can't always offer the same level of help as a private practice. Thanks for your concern! I have not touched recreational drugs or alcohol since this incident. The thought of feeling worse than I do completely turns me off them
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I think that sounds like a great plan.  I believe you are on your way--  and I'm glad for that.  Let us know when you have your next appointment and how the discussion goes with regards to finding an outside psychiatrist to discuss possible medication for you.  good luck!
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