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Can symptoms of anxiety last 24/7?  The only relief I get is taking 1 xanax a day, but as soon as the xanax starts to wear off, I feel the symptoms come right back. Can anxiety get that bad?
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GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) lasts lifetime if not treated. klonopin is better than xanax. but dont get addicted to benzos. take them with some ads and stop them gradually once ad starts working
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like was said, those things can be very very addicting and can cause some people to start taking more and more and more when they don't seem to have the same effect.

Anxiety can get very bad.
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Yes, anxiety can be that bad.  My anxeity and panic has returned this year and I am constantly on edge.  It can take a toll on you both mentally and physically and make you feel drained, but there is hope.  For me, talking with a therapist, talking to people with the same problems like in this forum, and certain medications worked.  With these three things, I have been able to cope and I know it will only get better.  When you have this affliction, it seems that you lose who you are and you don't think that you will ever be the same, but you will. It's life's challanges that make the good times so enjoyable.
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Hi bambi.....believe me, I know just what you mean about the 24/7 issue.  I feel anxious all the time in the first place, but have had a lot of medical issues lately and just trying to get to the doctor is causing me a lot of stress.  

I would like to encourage you to talk to your doc about getting on Clonopin rather than Xanax.  Xanax is designed for occasional use only and will cause the rebound anxiety that you're feeling which can be worse than the anxiety itself.  I am locked in to taking Xanax at night, but if I have to take it during the day for some reason, when it wears off, the heart pounding comes back with a vengence.  

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One more thing.  Walking is a natural remedy to help the release of anxiety.  I go several times a day and it helps a lot.  I mean, that is if your comfortable leaving your house, lol.  For some reason, I'm usually able to walk around my neighborhood without much problem, of course, my husband is with me. : )

Take care honey......
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Hi and thanks for responding.  I have thought about walking but I would have to go by myself and that kind of bothers me.  Just like last nite, I didn't fall asleep until 5 am, but as soon as I woke up, i felt it in and around my eyes already.  Do you have problems with your eyes?  Almost like this anxiety is affecting the nerves behind your eyes.  My eyes look so tired and swollen all the time and my eyelids feel like lead.  But the most bothersome thing is that it feels like little "shocks" around/behind my eyes all day?  Does ANYBODY else deal with this?
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It has taken a toll on me in EVERY way.  I haven't worked in over a yr.  I don't drive anymore. hardly ever go shopping.  If I have to go ANYWHERE during the day that i have to drive, I have to take a xanax before i go.  I just wake up feeling so shaky in my head and eyes.  Do you feel this?
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I have actually been sleeping well lately, but my eyes feel gritty and heavy non the less.  I get enough sleep so I should feel refreshed, but as soon as I wake up, my heart is pounding which makes it impossible to go back to sleep even though I feel like I can't keep my eyes open.  I don't get the shocks behind the eyes that your talking about though.  LOL, but I probably will now because I am very suseptible to the power of suggestion! : )

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That is my most bothersome symptom is with my eyes.  Maybe my anxiety has gone untreated for so long, that it is affecting the nerves with my eyes, do you think that is possible.  I have been dealing with this for 9 yrs now, but this only recently started with my eyes as of Apr 07, and hasn't gone away yet.  Add that to dizziness, periods of getting so anxious/panicky/shaky that I think I will pass out several times a day.  I'm sure you will be just fine with your eyes!!  I have even seen an opthamologist and he says my eyes are fine.  But I still think its got something to do with to nerves behind my eyes.
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That's the problem with us anxious people.  We find it hard to accept our symptoms to be anxiety.  Please try not to panic about your eyes.  Try to keep in mind that an opthamologist goes to school for YEARS and knows what they're doing and would have found a problem if there was one.  Now that we're talking about this, I bet my eyes are so gritty because I need glasses.  Have only been to the eye doctor once and that was 7yrs ago!  Also, bambi, I don't know about you, but I would imagine that staring at a computer for a good bit of the day could put a strain on ones eyes.  Your eyes may just be very sensitive.  Mine are.  I've had to wear sunglasses since I was a teen, otherwise it feels like little darts in my eyes from the sun.  I even wear them when it's overcast or raining because I can't tolerate the glare.  
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Do you take ANY OTHER medicine besides Xanax?  There are many OTC meds that can contribute to anxiety.  
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The only medication I take is Xanax.  I take one a day.  I used to take Ativan and I took 3 a day and my body got immune to those.  Xanax does help some, but I can still feel the symptoms some and then, it all comes back when the Xanax does wear off.  I am on the computer probably about 2-3 hrs a day.  I used to be on the computer ALL day with my job and it didn't bother me then.  It just worries me that is could be something different with my eyes, like something behind them that an Opthamologist can't see.
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