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Hello. I am new to this forum. All my life I have had really traumatic experiences, but seemed to be a fine, healthy, happy content girl. I never was sad or angry or regretful or worthless. I've never hurt myself and usually handle situations in a relatively healthy way. About 6 weeks ago, my brother passed away at 17. I was absolutly fine for one whole month. I went away on a 3 week trip to france with school thinking it would be good for me. One night I woke up in france and my heart was racing, I was shaking and sweating and the walls were closing in. After that I became frightened of another episode happening. I had another one about a week later and decided enough was enough. I told one of the teachers on the trip and she didn't seem to think it was totally serious and she just told me to take some deep breaths whenever they happened. A few days later I had the sensation that my tongue was swelling and my throat was closing up and I went to go see a doctor. She saw no signs of allergic reaction or anything so she gave me some vitamins and sleeping pills to help with stress. That sensation went away with in a few days. After we left the South of France we traveled up to Paris. There, I felt tightness in my stress and I felt as though I was suffocating and I was constantly checking my pulse and listening to my lungs. That sensation went away once I got home, but when I did get home I found that I was having heart palpitations after eating and it resembled that of a panic attack once again. I went to my doctor in the states and he recommended me to a therapist who I am visiting today. For the last couple days I have felt extreme pressure in my head and dizziness. I am terrified to eat because I am afraid to have another "episode". I just feel like my body is falling apart. Do you all think this is just anxiety and stress?
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First, be assured that you aren't falling apart.  Panic attacks will cause a variety of physiological symptoms, to include those you describe.

A problem with panic attacks is that, after the first one, we become so obsessed about having another, we actually create the conditions for another one to occur.

I believe your problems are situational and temporary in nature, however, I still recommend that you see a professional mental health provider, so that a complete and thorough evaluation can be completed and that appropriate medication(s) may be dispensed, if necessary.

Like your teacher told you, "Take a few deep breaths" and relax.

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