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Right. Well, I'm 14 years old and recently I've been having these.. "anxiety symptoms". I've been experiencing dramatic changes in body temperature (e.g. when it's hot I feel really cold and start shivering and my teeth begin to chatter), a pain/stiffness in the back of my neck, a lack of appetite, mood swings (I'll often feel really fed up in the mornings and slightly better in the evenings) and most of all this feeling inside my head. It's kind of like a gripping, cold feeling. It's there constantly, even when I try to distract myself by doing things (like playing video games or going out with friends). I remember a couple of years ago when I had a bad experience on an online video game. I had a similar feeling (or maybe even the same, I cannot remember) as I did now. At the time my parents were also unhappy, and split up a few months later - I now put down that feeling to bad vibes. Back then I told my parents and thought that was that. But it continued for about 2-3 months - but fortunately the feelings somehow went away.
This recent phase started about the 20th December 08. I'd broken up from school the day before, and (this is probably TMI) received my first kiss from a guy I really like (although unfortunately he has a girlfriend). I was brimming with happiness and then overnight that suddenly all changed. I hoped it would be just a very short phase, I'd had one like that about half a year back which lasted a day at most. I told my parents about the kiss and this recent phase and they put it down to hormones or maybe that I was "bessotted" with this guy, and encouraged me to go out with friends, and occupy myself. I've tried that. It doesn't work.
I can deal with the shivering and the lack of appetite. It's just this constant cold feeling in my head. Like my temples are in a vice and I can't get them out. This cold feeling at the front of my head. It's always there no matter what I do.
There are times when I feel I can't cope, that it's ruining my life. I mostly feel like that in the mornings, by evenings I feel somewhat better.  
I felt better on Boxing Day night, almost, dare I say, normal. But I was still aware of the feeling, no matter how minor it was. Yesterday was okay until the evening, and then it's just gone downhill from there. I thought time was meant to be the "greatest healer". Obviously not. I suppose I'm just scared that this is going to carry on for weeks, months, maybe even YEARS. Like the last time I felt like this. I want to stop this, and fast. I feel like it's ruling my life.

I was absolutely great until the 20th, I remembered saying to my parents how happy and ecstatic I was, just a few days before this started. I have no idea of what could be making me feel this way. My parents suggested that I may be "bessotted" with the guy I kissed, but I'm not so sure. I don't feel any worse when I think about him. They said it's probably hormones, but I really have no idea. Is it anxiety, or something else? Or maybe just me being irrational and imagining the feelings? Will it take time to go away, or what do I have to do to MAKE it go away? I really don't want to go to a doctor or take pills - I'm not that kind of person. Does there have to be a trigger, a cause to making me feel this way, or is it just a short hormonal phase that will pass?
I really don't want to go through another 3 months of this, like the last time this feeling occurred.

I've come on this to get an honest, unbiased opinion, and help would be very much appreciated, so I can put a stop to this quickly.
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You sound exactly like how I was, "besides I was shaking all over at first" then my mouth would shiver like I was cold, and I could hardly talk, I had to get on something because It felt like I was going to totally loose it.
But I think Ive found my trigger, I think it may be a tossup with you, because of your age, it could be hormones, or it could be a trigger of anxiety.
Im leaning to both, because you said that you experienced this before, Usually Anxiety disorders such as Gad "general anxiety disorder" begin in early childhood/ young adult.
I used to get the same thing back when I was younger around your age, out of nowhere just start up and last a few months, then one day go away.
Im 22 now, And my recent bout sent me to the ER MANY TIMES I was having lack of sleep also on top of everything else.
Ive found Mint Chamomile tea to be very soothing, seems to have a mild sedative effect..and taste pretty good:)
Also, I know you dont like taking pills, but Maybe you should go to a DR and have them draw some blood to check for deficiency's. Allot of times people have a B vitamin Deficiency abd dont even know it, B VIT's are the ones that support our Nerve systems, and what not..maybe oyu need a good multi Vit?? Definitely talk to your DR.
Have you ever thought of going to a psychiatrist?
They can have very good advice and help for you:)
Also, if your DR. does want to put you on anything, and your willing to take what they give you, you might wanna ask about a prescription called Buspar, Some people do very good on it from what I hear, and its not a narcotic or anything so its pretty safe.
I believe it is also FDA Approved for children / young adults.
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