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Anxiety....or not Anxiety

Alright. Here it goes. I'l try to make it quick and short, but there are details.

I'm 27 (MALE) 6 ft tall 190 lbs. Very active. Probably type A personality, I Feel successful. I'm not afriad to do anything. The only thing I'm afriad of is Spiders, and Snakes.  I can go to stores drive a car accross the country, go eat dinner by myself, and am not afriad of doing this.

Light headed... all the time
Sleep great.
tired all day
Think i had one panic attack last friday (swating, shaking, weird heart beat, dream like feeling, weak arms)

How it all transpired. I have always battled my blood pressure. Right now probably around 150/75. Bottom number always uner 80. Heart beats aroun 68... top BP number always above 130, rarely below 140. For a few years I had a handle on the BP (130/70)....

End of june my son had a seizure. In front of me. I didn't like to see that ( I didn't know what it was). Being the type A personality I think it bothered me a lot. I say type A because I didn't look at it as just being a siezure.  I started having weird dreams. very vivid. People i have never seen before in my house waking me from sleep.... ect. Being the somewhat spiritual type A personality I am, I thought that maybe death was imminent or something to that effect with my son. I thought that maybe that siezure episode was the man upstairs telling me to love him as much as I can because I'm going to loose him.... I know that none of this is true.. Just all in my head, And I beleive that.

I felt physically fine through all this. Finally 10 days ago I go on a charity run. 4 Miles. I don't normally do this. I really pushed myself hard. I pushed my self harder than I ever do when I'm running by myself.  I'm always very active. Cardio running, weight lifting.

Before the run (morning) i felt great. After the run, I came up to a level (light headed) and havn't been back since. I just thought...well my BP is a little elevated. A day later I checked to see what it was.....150/75.. in my mind i thought it was just the BP making me feel light headed, and it will go away. On friday I started to think that I was going to have a heart attack or a stroke, when i had the panic attack i thought I was having a stroke....mild.. it subsided and I dismissed it with intensions of going to a Dr that night to see what was going on.  

I finally get around to seeing a DR on Monday, tell em everything that's going on. They think it's anxiety. Perscribe medication but i can't take it with my job. I call a dr (sort of a second opinion) and he aggrees.... anxiety.. Tell's me not to take Meds, set up a counselor and get a book (the anxiety and phobia workbook...ej borne) I get it. Classic signs of what I'm going through. Described me to a T, even said you will search for a medical cause. i did,,thought it was the BP. He said that A bp Of 150/75 will not make me feel light headed. I tended to agree with him.. I have felt good in the past and taken a bp of 145/75.  So i agreed not the BP...the Anxiety.

WHAT I THINK: I think i had the panic attack on friday because I was over anylyzing the BP (150/75 for ten years probably won't give you a heart attack or stroke, or light headed) thinking that it was going to put me over the edge. Which in fact...actually did...pannic attack..

When I found all this out, I almost instantly started to feel better. I thought it was so odd. I'm happy I'm not depressed, I love my kids. I have things in life that i look foward to with them. Deppression is not me.

For the love of god why am I so light headed? I hate this.. And why did it literally start after a 4 mile run, that i agree did push myself.

I agree that what's happenging to me may be anxiety. Why did the run trigger that?

WHAT I THINK IS GOING ON IF IT'S POSSIBLE. I think my body is constantly releaseing to much adreniline. I think it might be Hormonal, which causes the anxiety. AGAIN. I sleep Great, but still tired. Felt great before the run..

Questions: When Releasing Epanephrine/adreneline/1 of the 60 hormones.. What does this do to BP? My guess it that it raises it.

Is it possible to be releasing adreniline at all times, when your not supposed to?? Is there a way to find out how many hormones your running? Or if there is an abnormality??

Is there a way to stop it??

What's weird is that I can take my BP at all hours of the day right now. and it's always 150-155/70-80. Before i could take it in the morning at 127/75 (great). Do something later it would be 140/75. At night it could ba back to 130/75.. Now it's a stable 150/70-80. I don't understand that.

I'm sorry i made this so long. Every part of my life is good, i would even say the BP, but I really can't stand the light headed feeling, that I awlays have since that run...

Thanks so much for your time.
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I can't tell you for sure if your having panic attacks or not it hasn't been long enough, and it takes having several a month.Over the corse of few months to classify it as a panic disorder. You probaly did have a panic or anxitey attack that one time,but with your bp you need to monitor your health closely to make sure there isn;t another cause. I can tell you with absolute certainty that your adrenal glands can over function giving you the feeling of panic. That would be a physical cause that mimics panic/anxitey. your dr can run test. To see if you have this or some other chemical imbalance. I hpe this helps you some...Good luck. Anna
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Yes it could be. When adrenalyn is released exspecially if you are in fear mode, can will cause you to be dizzy.  the reason is your brain is deprived of blood just a little.   The reason is your legs and arms are preparing for flight or fight.  Therefore your stomach and your brain need less blood and the arms and legs would need more in order to defend or run.  

Type a personalitys are very prone to anxiety.  Please go to itunes and download claire weeks book on hope and help for your nerves.  This download saved my life it explaines in detail what is going on and what to do to get out.  I would go and get a very thourough physical including heart work up.   Once these come back good then you can get down to desesitizing your nerves.  Do not scourer the internet about your symptoms.  This only feeds the anxiety.  

I had anxiety and panic attacks and was on meds ativan buspar, and citrapolom.  I take nothing now and do not have any panic attacks. I takes a little time to heal but you will.
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Hello everyone,
I’m 20 years old. My live has been turned upside down and it all started about 6 months ago. I had panic attacks for about two weeks and could not go out or sleep or eat and could not go to work! It was horrible but my boyfriend and family were all really supportive and my older sister suffered from it so she knew how it felt. The weeks had passed and I started to feel better. I was so proud of myself! Especially because I didn’t take medication, I also stopped smoking. Then I started to get tender rib cage, breasts and then stomach, it was weird and nobody understood why. After about 10 visits to the doctors they sent me to see a rheumatologist. They did chest x-ray, ECG, ultra scan on ribs (all fine) and recently MRI on my lower back. It hurts so much when i press down on them and seems to be spreading to my arms and legs!!! The problems go on.. I have chest pains, heartburn (which i have never had before this), difficulty swallowing, occasional headaches, numbness on left of jaw, blurred vision at times, lightheaded/dizziness, tingling in legs and arms with occasional shooting pain, I also feel sick 80% of the time, but i still force myself to go out, gym and work. I have had urine tests, lots of blood tests (which are all ok except that I have a elevated inflammation level which the doctors say is nothing to worry about), more ECGs because I’m convinced its a heart problem (such as heart attacks or Sudden Death Syndrome)  or I’m having a stroke. I woke up the other night with a heavy chest. My blood pressures ok. I have joined the gym about a month ago and enjoy it, I eat better and am trying to loose wait, I’m 5ft 7 and weigh 15stone (98kgs) which means I’m obese. Why can’t anyone find a solution?! I feel like ending it all I get so scared and hate worrying, I never used to go doctors before my panic attacks happened. I won’t kill myself because I want to love live again and I adore my boyfriend and family, I want to have kids. I used to think it was all anxiety but I shouldn’t feel it ALL the time, there’s always something wrong and it’s so draining! I think my doctor think I have health anxiety but what I feel is real and I just want to find out what’s wrong, sorry for a long post but I’m desperate for some understanding or advice. No family history of anything.
P.s After Christmas I was told I have an 6cm dermoid ovarian cyst, which they would not of found if I had not said to the doctors about pelvic pain and I insisted on having a ultra scan, I am seeing a gynaecologist in 5 days after a couple of scary months waiting, of course I’m scared its cancer, although I’m aware its un likely. I have stopped taking microgynon 30 because I have read the side effects. Thanks x          
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I couldn't agree more with Fue ... Dr. Weeks and also the Panic Away program are assisting me in getting through a tough time mentally.  

Do you:

Over think everything?  i.e. "Oh, there is a pain in my chest, I am going to have a heart attackK!" "I can't breathe ... my lungs are collapsing!" "My BP is up ... this must be BAD"
Always think the worst is going to happen?
Have weird sensations going through your body that FREAK you out?

Dr. Weekes calls it "Nervous Illness" whereas our nervous systems either are immature, or have been trained to a point to think we consistently need to fight or flight because of over sensitization.  The Panic Away program uses Dr. Weeks theories and then adds an extra twist in the theory - which is what Hesson did - and that is asking for more sensations and strange, weird feelings - but understanding that when you ask for more, you have to trust yourself, accept the sensations and move past the fear and panic.  NOT EASY.  

Challenging?  Yes.  I am going through this right now and it is by far the most difficult thing I have ever done.  I suffer from Heart Anxiety (whereas if anything happens in the area of my heart, I have Panic & Anxiety ... fight or flight with adrenaline rushes and crazy sensations) which I have had since I was a child.  My immature nervous system was never taught that the sensations in my chest were normal.  My nervous system was, and still is, reacting to the sensations in a negative way - it is SUPPOSED TO right.  How do you think we survive a bear running towards us?  No nervous system and we sit there and enjoy the view and get eaten.  

Of course, you should get a medical exam from your doctor ... but if everything comes out tip-top ... trust the doctor's word and move on to examining your REACTIONS to your bodies natural ebb and flow.  It will not be fun, it will not be awesome at first ... but everyone tells me with time and patience and a boat-load of courage, things can change.
Even over the last week I can definitely see change, albeit little ... it still is change for the better.  

I don't want to be trapped in my own body, and neither to you most likely.  

Meds?  I would assume they are good to dull the sensations or symptoms.  But what happens when the meds go away?  You still have to deal with the sensations and weirdness.  

Good luck to everyone and all the best.  Remember, nobody has ever died from Anxiety.  
It just really, really, really, really ***** to participate.  :)  

"A life without adversity does not lead to happiness"


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I dealt with major anxiety an panic attacks in2006/2007.  Then it just disappeared!  Now for the past week I've been having those odd feelings come back, can't explain it just don't feel right.... What should I do??
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