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Anxious about being anxious?

Does anyone have this kind of anxiety? You don't stress about anything else in your life other than anxiety itself. You keep awaiting for the next incoming attack and you fear for it.. You feel uneasy when you're feeling relaxed/good because your brain makes you think that there's something wrong...that it's 'wrong' to feel 'good'.
This is really weird..and I really hate this feeling because if I just keep letting it live it will develop into a panic attack which I absolutely hate. But I feel as though if I keep repressing this 'feeling' the anxiety will never go away unless I get a panic attack. It's kinda like a ticking bomb..
Anyone can relate? Please help me..
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Ofcourse I can relate...What youre talking about is the core root of anxiety, fear of fear......   Now, Ive come to terms with my anxiety and Ive become familiar with my own enemy which is myself! You should know by now anxiety cannot hurt you, and a panic attack is simply a reaction , your body reacts to ultimate fear in horrible physical symptoms.... now, you know what happens next which is a panic attack so why are you so afraid? it cannot hurt you, might make you feel uncomfortable and feel like ur gonna die, but nobody can and ever will die of a panic attack...Youre torturing yourself over something that doesnt exist.....  You have your body reacting to danger that does not exist. Lemme give you an example: Someone tells you ur gonna die in a week.....ok theres nothing you can do about that right? If youre gonna die in a week, youre gonna die, your body will def react in anxiety bc its working overtime your poor brain thinking of ways to get out of it, which  is the natural reaction right? So youre body is gonna be overtime, which leads to no sleep, pupils dilate because it senses danger, numb body from the stress , panick attack from all this put together and in reality physically there is nothing you can do, you will die RIGHT? Now, in your case, youre not gonna die, youre simply focusing on the reaction, youre afraid of your own reactiong to what? NOTHING, accept your body for its beauty my dear, it deals with fear this way , all our bodies do, so youre testing it over and over to see if it reacts to danger, but there is none...so let it relax until you have real danger, like ur gonna get attacked by a bear...lol  otherwise, just relax and let the obsession go away.....

ex. if you keep pinching yourself over and over, you know its gonna hurt...so u sit in bed all day tempting yourself as to whether or not you should go pinch yourself , when you know the end result, and you have no reason to do it........but u obsess over it neway, ???
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Panic attacks do this to us, they are so scary and we do worry when the next one will happen.  I think most people who have had one or more cannot do much of anything without wondering where and when the next one will occur.  Many of us have "triggers" like driving,  being in public places, etc. and this is when we worry the most.  A panic attack is a normal response coming at the wrong time.  When our brain senses danger, it floods our body with adrenaline so we can do what is needed to protect ourselves. Since it is coming when it's not needed, our body doesn't know what to do with all this extra adrenaline, so it results in a panic attack. Realize that "fear" feeds our anxiety, and the more you worry about this the worse it gets.  Anxiety often has a root cause, such as a traumatic experience in our past which we have tried to forget and never dealt with.  We suppress it and it comes back in the form of anxiety and/or depression.  Therapy can help you discover if yours has a root cause, get it out and deal with it.  It also teaches you how to cope better and not to dwell on things. Therapy may not be enough and you may need medication to control your panic attacks, most of us do.  It's good to exercise daily, and get involved in things you are passionate about, hang out with friends, etc.  Less worry equals less anxiety.  I know this is easier said than done, but with help you can live a happy, fulfilling life. Anxiety can become our main focus in life and rob us of being able to live and enjoy our lives.  So, it's important to address all this with a psychiatrist so the two of you can determine what route of treatment is best for you.  Understand that it is like any other illness where treatment is needed.  You're certainly not alone with this, and I hope talking with us helps and is a good first step.  I wish you all the best and take care!
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Yes. I get really bad anxiety in school. So on the weekends, all I do is fear for the upcoming week. :/
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does medication really help to deal with this kind of anxiety? I swear if only my anxiety was caused by something I know, I wouldn't be this anxious.. But this 'fear of the unknown' is the worst kind of anxiety..cause you just can't fight it and it's harder to figure out what is it that makes you anxious. It happens to me every night before falling to sleep. Just looking at the clock makes me anxious cause I know that's around the time when I'm going to get it.

I really am considering medication if this keeps up. I'm 18 and I'm starting my 2nd year in college. I really don't want to mess my 3.7 gpa.. but I feel like anxiety is already trying to ruin that.. Can't even concentrate in class sometimes.
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hey, you are not alone! im 21 and in my final year of college with plans of going on to do my MBA at a top business school. now that im stricken with anxiety which came out of nowhere for me, i am ALL THE TIME 'anxious about being anxious' its for no particualr reason but i just feel that way and it messes with my entire day, i cant concentrate and i just want to stay in my apartment and sleep. however..things have been getting gradually better for me, the doctor put me on clonazepam which at first i didnt like but as from advice from the awesome people in these forums i gave it some time to work and i feel good, also try to do cardio about 30 mins everyday as well as take vitamin B complex ( i take 100mg) these are essential in reducing anxiety, depression and stress. i have also found that a spiritual outlet has helped me out alot, depending on your faith i would suggest you also may want to look into that? i am catholic and i found the patron saint of people with nervous disroders and mental illnesses (Saint Dymphna) has helped out alot (sorry im not trying to preach religion at all) im taking it one day at a time and being positive is key, keep yourself busy and hang around positive people and friends- just tell yourself that your going to get better becuase you are! hope this helps :)
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do not take anxiety meds. whatever you do. benzos are absolutely awful. i was taking xanax for my horrible anxiety and now my anxiety is 10x worse than it was before i was taking the xanax. talk therapy is so much better. its not a quick fix for anxiety like the meds are but its sooo much better for you in the long run.
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When FDR said "The only thing we have to fear, is fear, itself." I think he knew about this condition. Man, this is on the money. 9 times out of 10 when I have a panic attack, it happens because......I fear having a panic attack.

I agree/disagree with Erin. Talk therapy, and self control, is the best solution, but sometimes I had to take an anxiety med. It drowns me out but it also calms me down.
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