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I was a zoloft user for 14 years, went off it last September and have been trying different meds since. Just had a really bad reaction to prozac last week, so now I am back on Zoloft she started me on 25 mg for a few days and upped it to 50mg last night, could not sleep even had ambian to help and woke up anxious again this morning, will this pass after I get use to the 50 mg again? Maybe I should take it in the morning, always use to take it at night!! Input would be nice?
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I went through the same thing.  Try talking to your doctor about switching to an AM dose.  

The tough thing about this med is it has to build a tolerance in your system, which can take a few days.  Anxiety may worsen until you get there.  I know that just seems wrong - and it FEELS wrong!  But hang in there - it does get better!  I went through the same thing.

I did a lot of journaling, exercising, getting up and going for brisk walks, doing jumping jacks, picking up the phone & calling & talking to my posse during those times.  It's so hard, I know.  Keep drinking lots of water - avoid caffeine.  Make sure you're eating - try to avoid lots of sugar.  Caffeine & sugar may spool you up more & worsen the symptoms.  Self talk is HUGE!  Just keep telling yourself, "this is just anxiety.  I know it's there - it's hard right now, but it's not going to hurt me.  It's going to be okay."  

Keep your doctor informed on your symptoms.  Perhaps a slower dosage increase would be helpful.  

Better days are out there - just keep hanging on, and remember we're here for you!
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Thank you so much for the input, it made me feel so much better just reading your post. I did talk with my Dr. and she did tell me to start taking it in the am. Will see how it goes!!
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I'm glad you called your dr.  You got this, hang in there!  

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