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Any suggestions for chronic anxiety/post trauma?

I'm curious to know if there are any recent innovations in anxiety medications. I refuse to take benzos such as Xanax and Clonzepam due to their addictive qualities and the fact that it is somewhat of a demotivator (for me anyways). Things that have helped a lot in the past but only temporarily are Lexapro (SSRI) and Vyvance (Dopamine Inhibitor) My main anxiety is social phobia which i hope not to last since i'm still young. Lexapro is known for helping people with this but it stopped working for me after i adjusted. The root of the generalized anxiety and panic come from emotional trauma at age 12. Witnessed everything after my brother got a Traumatic Brain Injury and started expressing SYMPTOMS of paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar, and agression/violence. He is now stable with Abilify, an anti-depressant (SSRI). If anybody also has support or knows of medications that help calm the Central Nervous System down help with emotional trauma i would be very greatful for any knowledge. Thanks, Jordan.
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Just to answer my own question for others, i'd suggest Busiprone alone or added to your current anti-depressant (SSRI).
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Hi Jordan, I have terrible socail phobia/anxiety stemming from being teased as a kid. Have you similar experience? Anyway, LYRICA helps me feel more at ease and even more friendly around people. This drug works to slow down the brain so it's not over-stimulated 24/7. And for the PTSD try EMDR. Best of luck,kate
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Hey thanks a lot Kate, i'll defnitely have to look into that. I did have some teasing because of the intense anxiety and over-active mind. I did come to find out that those people were just bacteria or viruses in my life however just as your teasers probably were too ;P Thanks again!
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I am desperately trying to find an anxity medication that
Will help me!! I just turned 18 and have been through a lot
Oh horrible things throughout my life. My anxity use to not be
So bad but it seems as I've gotten older it has taken a turn for the worse.
It's to the point where I can not go to school, grocery store, drive, etc.
Xanax use to help but that stopped working. Pretty much have tried clonzaphen, ativan, and Xanax. None of which help me anymore.
The last few days its been worse than ever. I can't est or sleep.
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Yea i'm currently taking Gabapentin, Xanax when needed, Busiprone, and Lexapro. Lexapro is an SSRI for depressant and is known for helping anxiety. Gabapentin is a tranquilizer/mood-stabalizer. Busiprone is an anti-anxiety drug as well but non-benzo. It works on Serotonin, and a little bit on Dopamine. Right now after taking the gabapentin and 2mg xanax im feeling a lil at ease. Plus what helps me a tad is to take a walk and observe nature in a sort of meditative way. Meditation is good too. Now these medications are taken at your own risk of course but they help me enough so i'm not allwayys feeling dreadful. These are my suggestions to anyone because we all have different chemistries so the meds obviously may be more effective for one person than another. I'm currently still stuck in the deabilitating anxiety where i'm not doing my school work nor is my verbal communication up to par. But yea, hope this might help you and i would also note what Kate was saying. Best of luck! ;)
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I suggest going to our Alternative Medicine Forum and see what Paxiled can tell you.
Good luck
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