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Anyone else have panic attacks caused by strobe lights or bass music?

I do not suffer from anxiety or panic attacks in general. I am the most level headed, non-fearful, stable person you could met. However, I have high anxiety and sometimes panic attacks caused by flashing lights (strobes) and by loud bass music. Is this common? Does anyone have a suggestion about how to handle this? My neighbour´s son has a pimped out car with extreme bass system in his car. I do not want to be the nastey neighbour next door but I can´t deal with having panic attacks when I would not have them to just normal music! Thank you!
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Yes it is completely normal. Some people may feel panic attacks as like you by the flashing lights & by loud bass music. But I don't know the particular frequency of the sound by which you get panic attacks. So it will be better if you consult your doctor for the checkup.  
After someone turned on a strobe light, my friend freaked out and had to be sedated. He was a big guy and tried to kill all his friends so they had to sit on him while the medics injected him. Next day he didn't remember the incident even when they told him about it. He was under severe financial pressure so figured that combo with the strobe caused his weird night.

That was 40 years ago and nothing like that happened to him again. This is all anecdotal, but there may be something to it
This is what I've heard as well,  Some people can be affected even by the light from computer screens.  Humans are a curious lot.  Personally, I'd rather risk a spat with a neighbor than suffer, and I'm sure if you tell your neighbor what the noise does to you he'll calm it down, unless he's a horrible neighbor.
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