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Anyone feel weird ALL THE TIME?

Hello everyone,
Just want to know whether anyone else here feels strange 100% of the time? I know that when you have panic attacks you can get numbness and tingling and headache......... but i seem to have it most of the time, pretty much all day. I just feel like im in a dream all the time, im scared all the time, does anyone else get this?
I took myself into ER earlier today in the hope that someone could help but they didnt even examin me, they just said to go home and calm down, why cant they just reassure me? Am i really going crazy?
Thnks again.
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Unfortunately, I've felt "strange" all my life. Actually, it is more a feeling of being "different" or "out of place" than the deelings you describe, although I have experienced them also.

I have had long periods where I would feel totally "out of it" and feel this sense of impending doom, even though I had no reason to suspect anything bad was going  to happen.

What you describe sounds to me like some of the sensations I have when I'm having a panic attack or sometimes just from generalized anxiety.

If these feeling continue or are overly bothersome, contact a mental health provider so that a thorough history and evaluation can be completed and that appropriate theraputic remedies can be initiated.

Let us know how you're doing and take care of yourself!

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I feel the exact same way... I thought I was dying of some horrible disease.... I feel edgy all the time I have lost interest in my daily activities and I feel  like I am numb and am trembling all the time... I often feel like I am going crazy... guess I'm not alone... I came online in search of an answer to your very same question. I also have the fear that I am dying because of this very same feeling it really freaks me out...I am so scared too...I have gone to the ER many times...they haven't been able to find anything wrong so far (I've been 4 times this past year) I also find that I pay close attention to my breathing. I don't know what you feel like exactly but why is it not reassuring that your having a panic attack when your having  a panic attack???

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I also feel like you do. I have been "normal" all my life until I turned 30 then it all hit me at once. I now suffer from anxiety, panic disorder...a little bit of depression and I believe that I am partially a hypocondriact. I am constantly going to the doctor, urgent care and ER to find out that "there's nothing wrong with me" and to "go home". I'm looking for answers and not getting any. I feel Strange all day long, everyday for some time now. I refuse to take any medications cuz I'm scared of the side effects. The only thing I take is Xanex and it's only .05 and it's a half of pill. Now I have been having this horrible head pain and I'm once again ready to hit Urgent Care tomorrow.

So, your not alone. I hope you get the answers your looking for.
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yeh ive had that it is defo anexiety feeling lyk ur not ere and ur dreaming somtimes as if ur drunk and not with it lyk urur in a foggy glass bottle all the time . i get a presure in my ears and head all the time not always with an head ache can anyone help me with this as ve been told by my doc its anxiety and i just think its sumit more serious i hadit a few years bk and was told the same thing just dont stop me worrying xxxx
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yes that is normal i have severe severe anxiety i felt werid all the time  and it was scary i  would have panik attack like everyday. i started taking effexor xr which has really helped me at first it was scary though the side effects were crazay. i still get some anxiety symptoms liek the hot flashes where it feels like my whole body has icy hot on it and the weird feelings but its normal. it everntually goes away effexor really helps. But a few days ago i wound up in the emergency room i had a weird panic attack now i drink alot of alchole though and i didnt for  a few days i think i had a bad with drawl or something so they gave me a ativan and perscribed me xanax everything is  all good but  no i have this strange feeling in my throat almost liek there is something stuck in it and it feels tight does anyone know what that is  i freakin hate it i just want it to go away when i went to the emergency room they said it was normal and it could could take days to go away but damn i wnat it to go away it makes me anxius and start getting attacks when i go to sleep

does anyone know what it is or how to make it go away .. any imput would be help full

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yes! i've had anxiety since i was around 8 years old. i am very much a hypochondriac. i always think that i am dying. my body feels tense and sick all the time! i have a HUMUNGOUS fear of seizures, for no reason. i have never had one and have no history of epilepsy whatsoever. very random, but is one of my biggest fears.
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