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Anyone getting Social Security for anxiety/panic attacks

I was just wondering does anyone here get social security for their anxiety/panic attacks? I have suffered for many many years and can no longer work. I also have a heart murmur and miteral valve prolapse.
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when i first started getting panic attacks i thought about collecting because i could no longer drive or be around anyone but never acually collected it just thought about it
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I know somebody who does. She has been diagnosed with MVP and has SOME panic attacks, but she is in much better shape than I am in and she is capable of driving anywhere she pleases. Except that she is too lazy, and she wastes it away on cars and birds!!! >:( I don't like the idea of wasting away the government's money like that, unless you are in dire need of it.

If you have a disability and are truly unable to drive yourself without having a seizure or some other problem that leaves you house-ridden, then I can see the need for it. If you are really to the point where you are house-bound though, find somebody who can take you and start getting you the proper treatment you need!! Don't resort to Social Security until you are SURE you can't handle it, even with meds. and Psychotherapy. Yet I think what you really need to do is START SEEING A PSYCHIATRIST/PSYCHOLOGIST to GET YOU ON THE RIGHT MEDS. SO YOU CAN LIVE YOUR LIFE AGAIN as well as START SEEING A PSYCHOTHERAPIST.

It sounds like you are in a state where you are in dire need of help, and I would go about trying to get help first before even CONSIDERING taking money from the Social Security Services. But that's my two cents. I would just love to see you trying to get your life back together. :( It really sounds like it has just been torn up with all of the anxiety and panic you are going through. Seeking help is the BEST option at this point. And I think you need BOTH the medicated and therapy route in your case....

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If you cant work, and your family needs the extra income, and you have docs telling you to do it, then you should,,, There is nothing wrong with getting it if you need it. Just becuase you get on it dont mean you have to be on it all your life...
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I was told to see a professional and was about to make an appointment when I found breast cancer. I don't drive. Pretty much house bound. I do want to get better. I have been suffering with this since 1990. I changed doctors because my doctor told me this has gone on to long for me to get help for my condition. But i am still going to try to get better. This is not a good way to live. I was asking about SS because it is very hard on us financally. The bills from breast cancer are 2 feet high. No kidding. I also have 3 little girls who are missing out on more than their mother. I am hoping I can get one of my daughters to drive me for therapy over the summer. Again I do want to get better.
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Your post is much to harsh. Don't take your frustrations out on me. Thanks for the advice. Have a greast day.
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I am TRULY sorry!! I REALLY wasn't trying to come across harsh, and that is the least thing I wanted to do!!! It just sounded like you wanted to resort to Social Security, and I just was trying to help you out and recommend trying to seek help first before resorting to Social Security. I am SO sorry. I didn't mean to come across harsh at all. Apparently I have accidentally done that before in these forums. :( The least thing I want to do is make somebody feel uncomfortable or like I am just blowing them off or dissing them or venting my problems. :(

I just want to see you get help...especially if you are that housebound. I mean have you tried therapy already and other forms of treatment first?? I just think there are other methods you could take before resorting to social security. And I am sorry to hear that you have breast cancer (you said you did, right)? :( :(  I truly will pray for you and wish you the best.

I wish you the best, and again, I am sorry for my ventings. I just think you really should try alternative treatment first, but if it is what you want to do, then GO FOR IT!!! :) I wish you the best.

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