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Anyone have this?

Recently self diagnosed myself w depression and anxiety. It came a month after smoking marijuana, and for the past few weeks I have been having a huge increase in eye floaters of all shapes and they are really getting in the way of my vision
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You probably know that you can't self-diagnose these things.  Sometimes you just have a period of time where things aren't going very well.  When marijuana brings these things out, it happens while you're stoned, not a month after.  We can't know all the things that are going on with you or how long they've truly been going on, but a tough time doesn't equal a mental disorder.  If you're confused about things, seeing a psychologist will at the least get you a diagnosis.
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Believe it or not, sinus issues can exacerbate eye floaters due to sinus pressure. Happens often. Will also cause dizziness.

Marijuana, certain strains, are not good for people with anxiety. I have my medical card and I know to stay mainly with Indicas. And little bits at at time. When I take a toke or two, it stops my anxiety all together. You don't need a doctor to diagnose anxiety. All they will do is give you a GABA inhibitor which will cause issues later. We all get depressed. We all get anxiety. It's recognizing it and changing your physical lifestyle to accommodate, or if you're strong enough, change you're lifestyle to eliminate it.
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I think you're referring to benzodiazepenes, which don't inhibit GABA, they make this nervous system relaxer stronger by binding to it and making it more receptive to the processes the body uses to make it work.  It's true these are difficult meds, as regular use is addictive especially if combined with alcohol, they do help a lot of people.  Marijuana is also a drug that targets several neurotransmitters in the brain.  This current notion of different "strains" of marijuana, some of which are supposedly good for anxiety, isn't proven science, though it is being studied, but not to get people to use medical marijuana but in drug trails with synthetic marijuana components that can be sold as patented drugs.  So far, not much in the way of useful results.  Today's marijuana is really a marketing ploy started in the 1970's when some Yuppies started madly hybridizing pot, altering it from a mild natural substance into something far far stronger than anything we have any long-term history of use with.  So it's just another pharmaceutical product, not better, not worse, than a benzo.  The only question is which one helps most with a particular person.  I don't think there's any question that marijuana is far safer than virtually any prescription drug, but it is also responsible for bringing anxiety out of people who might never have developed a big problem had they never used it.  This website is full of people who had their first anxiety attacks while using marijuana.  It just goes to show, it's impossible to generalize from the particular.  Whatever works, but we also need to know the downsides that might be lingering down the road.  Peace.
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By the way, I'm one of those who got my first anxiety attacks while stoned many years ago before I finally had to stop using it.  But I don't believe it caused the anxiety, I think it was inside me and waiting to come out.  The only question is, if I had never used pot, would anything else in my life have brought it out or might it have stayed latent?  I'll never know.
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Yeah I was thinking they marijuana just brought it out too! But yeah I've just gotten more floaters and trouble focusing my eyes now and just getting worse
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