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Anyone interested in joining an anxiety support team?

I posted this question to see who would want to be a part of a support team. I know that it helps to talk and if you can get feedback from fellow sufferers it would do some good. So if you would like to join just comment on here and we can all start something positive.
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hi just read ur post and yes i agree and would love more support,so yea im all for it,

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Explain how your "plan" is any different, or any better, than what we already have going here? Is this forum NOT an "anxiety support team?"
All ideas are welcome, but make sure you've read all of the terms of usage of this site.
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Well my plan is this. For actually being there to talk with anyone who wants some feedback. I'm in no means a practicing doctor so I am not offering anything outside of the rules. Just the fact that I have went to several sites and saw the posts or groups that say they are the for support and feedback and it was all sloppy. I went searching through the pages of "questions" and found only simple questions about certain things. Not support or general feedback. Well maybe this site is not concerned with anything like what I am talking about doing. Maybe just aimless questions that don't give any real closeness to the issues. I am here because I have tried several sites with no positive interaction. That is all I am wanting to do. But if you think that this site is too good for that then just post that in your reply. Thanks.
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I'm afraid your reply has left me totally baffled as to what, exactly, you're looking for.
I don't know for sure which site you were referring to that does not offer support or feedback, but I can't believe you were referring to THIS one.
Were you talking about this site when you said maybe we weren't concerned with anything like what you are talking about..........that maybe just aimless questions that don't give any real closeness to the issues?
If your reply had made any sense, I just MIGHT say that this site is too good for "that." But I don't have a bloody clue what "THAT" even is!
I said that all ideas are welcome, and they are, but if you could be a bit more articulate, it would help.
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Hey how about this. I will just change my "question".

To anyone who wants to talk about their anxiety and everything that has to do with it add me as a friend. Thanks.
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Now we're getting somewhere! Talking about our anxiety/panic/depression and everything that has to do with that is exactly what we do here. So, welcome to our forum! You will find much support and make many good friends here, and sometimes we have some pretty lively debates! If you wish to speak to someone in "private," you simply hover your mouse over their username and click on the "send message" line. No one but them will see what you've written.
There are a ton of great options to take advantage of and more are being added almost daily.
Please fill out a profile so we can get to know you better.
Both cj and I will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding how to use this site, so never hesitate to ask.
And always know that whatever your personal issues are, you hold comfort and support for others, so please never hesitate to offer your advice to anyone.
Did we just take a very long way around a very simple subject?
Again, welcome and we look forward to your input.
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just saw your post, interesting, I have been to many sites also and as a Nurse I come here only as a "civilian" ;-) looking for help with my anxiety and panic, most sites I have been to seem to be selling a product.  Would really be interested in what your looking for. you say," I went searching through the pages of "questions" and found only simple questions about certain things. Not support or general feedback."

But pleaes PLEASE remember what may be trivial to you, may mean allot to someone else! people here come from different backgrounds,  Please do not take this the wrong way but from your comments It seems you think, people are not getting to thier issues? correct me if I am wrong? I look at this site as a tool and the people here have helped me more then I can say THank you, even some people that I don't agree with! smile.
tell more of what you are looking for. thanks samuel pms welcomed
p.s. did you also look at journal entries, I have one "open" to the public as do others.
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One of the best things that calms me and alot of other people down during an attack or just general anxiety  is the reality that we are not alone there are tones of others out there going threw the same thing    we are not having a heart attack and there is life after anxiety        your cant beat anxiety without help and if you did you just had a bad day or freaked out over something and anxiety is your excuse       I like the idea!    I think he is just saying    you can msg and talk about what is going on or something you found helpful  maybe get to know people in the forum in general to understand there are all kinds of people out there dealing with this and be a little more comfortable talking with people on a personal level        such as if we some of us just keep talking in hear rather then just posting and hopping to get feedback from random browsers    I duno but I dig it, any help I can get or be involved with I will support   stop being a hatter lets make everyone feel at home

I had the shakes the other day but not the normal maybe I just need to eat shakes or something I mean the fullll out shaking like I was going to overdose and could not stop it   it was just my legs really lol as dumb as that sounds  scared me and my girlfriend   it was about   3-4 weeks ago havnt had it since but it was weird I find my self to be hypocondryact so i brushed it off as a bad panic attack, but havnt ever had one like it. anyone ever felt anything like that?      no worries either way going to the Doc in a few days for something else i'm gona ask him about it but I could use the peace of mind    
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So far I have added quite a few more friends then expected this far in to being a member. This is a great thing. I hope that people who are looking for real feedback on anxiety issues will shoot me a friend request or message. Thanks to all!!
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would love to im so depress
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Count me in.  Good idea.  

I usually speak my mind when people aren't being very nice (certain posts) but its a New Year and I figured what the hell I'll keep my mouth shut this time.  

See you there!


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