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Anyone overcome anxiety without meds?

Hi all,
I started suffering from anxiety, out of the blue, back in May of this year,  I tried paxil but did not like the way it made me feel, i couldn't even eat.  Today I took my first dose of Zoloft 25 mg and tonight I felt like total crap. My whole body was tingling all over and I was very anxious. I ended up taking a xanax to help calm me down.  I have read in other threads that most of the time the anxiety can get worse before it gets better on Zoloft. Hopefully I can stick it out because I'm tired of being anxious all the time.  My question is, has anyone overcome anxiety without the use of meds? If so, would you please tell me about your experience?

Thank you
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I am trying to cope with anxiety without medication.  I was on an anti depressant that got rid of depression and anxiety, but since stopping a year ago anxiety has crept slowly back.  I do so want to try and manage without medication.  I think it depends how severe your anxiety is.  I keep myself occupied as best I can as my anxiety is caused by loneliness.  I know what my problem is, so can face it, and try to deal with it.  I understand you do not want to take pills if you can avoid it, but if you feel you can cope, see how you go.

Like CFS56 says above she manages it, like me, it will always be there, but do what you can, in your personal circumstances, to do things to take your mind off it.  

How are you feeling now on the Zoloft?  Are things improving?
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I have not taken any of the SSRIs.  I tried them a couple of times and like you, they made me really sick.  CBT saved my life.  No doubt.  Other things that have helped me a lot is regular exercise (joined the YMCA) and keeping my mind busy.  Went back to school, gave me other things to think about.  My anxiety is not gone, it will probably never be gone, but most times it's managable.  Good luck to you.
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I dont take any medication because im scared of the side effects. I do take medication for heartburn which helps alot.   I have tried to do things on my own like walking, taking hot baths, meditating, massages, these have helped but it doesn't relieve anxitey and now im doing CBT which is helping.  Im still experiencing chest pain and tingling in my left feet and little finger,  Im still also having alot of terrible days.  
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Many people have, but this site is almost all people who use medication.  Some on here will have some experience, but this is a site mostly for people on medication.  I don't know why, it just seems to be that way.  Obviously there are people who have used CBT and other therapy to get better, and people who have made lifestyle changes to get better, but you might find more of these stories on other sites than this one.  Still, maybe you'll get some good feedback.
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