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Anyone tried Buspar?

My Dr. is prescribing the Buspar, in addition to my Lexapro, and Xanax.  Cause I told her I can't take the Xanax all day long cause it knocks me out, and right after I come off Xanax I go right back into a constant panic attack.  We are going to try to give the Lexapro a little longer to build up (it's only been 15 days) and if it doesn't work or gets worse by next week, we're going to talk about weaning over to Effexor.  I HATE ANXIETY!!!!!  
Anyone taking Buspar.
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Hi there!  I think trying the Buspar is a good thing.  It has been very helpful for a lot of people without such a severe sedation like the Xanax gives you.

My own personal opinion is to TRY TRY TRY to stick out the Lexapro, I know you're having a rough time, but Effexor can be pretty stimulating.  Not to say you wouldn't do well on it, but you've already come this far with the Lexapro.

You're doing the right thing by keeping in contact with your doctor...you and her will make the decisions together.  I told you it's pretty common to have a bit of a rougher time the second time around with a med that you may have tolerated easier the first time.  I went through it as well, and had a rough couple weeks until the side effects finally eased up.

Hang in there..we're pulling for you!
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I'm going to keep trying the Lexapro as long as possible, I really am.  I just can't believe that this is giving me such bad initial side effects.  It's so horrible.  I'm on my way to town right now to get the Buspar, I really hope it helps.  She said she's had mixed results with people on it.
I was curious about the Effexor too, she said there are many others to try besides that, but I was the one that mentioned Effexor, so that may have been my fault.  
She prefers the Lexapro and since I did well on it at one time, she does want to give it a little more time, but is always leaving it in my hands to make that decision.
Thank you for talking to me.  Michelle
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