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Anyone use the Midwest Center anxiety/depression tapes?

I saw an infomercial on TV by the Midwest Center for people  with anxiety and depression.  I watched it and it sort of convinced me to give it a try.  So I ordered it and will see how it goes.  It's very expensive, but there is a 30 day guarantee if not satisfied with it.  Just curious to know if anyone else has used this program.  It also came with a free trial of vitamins that are supposed to help with mood.  I think I should ask my doctor about those before I start up with them because the vitamins also include herbs like ginseng.  Anyone give this program a try?
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Ya, I gave this a try and it didn't help me . Try it everyone is didn't it might help you. They call and  give you support I just thought it was not worth money cause it didn't help me.  They told me a price and it came more so be careful.
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oh one more thing any quiestions ask me cause I was in it for awhile.
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  i gave it a try, and it actually helped me a whole lot, a whole whole lot....seriously i would give them a try, when i felt very nervous like i was gonna have a panic attack i would listen to them and i would feel 100 times better...i think you should try it...i was in it along time, listenin to the tapes as along with gettin on medicine did wonders for me,,,good luck
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I just happened to check on Ebay and saw some people selling their tapes/DVD's for much less than what I would pay directly.  So I guess I'm going to give it a chance and if I like it purchase it on Ebay for almost 50% of the cost.  Lucinda Bassett is certainly a dynamic person and I like her.  So I'm glad I am trying it out.  Heck, it can't hurt, right!  I'm already thinking of other people in my family who would benefit from these tapes.  I just found out my college age niece is struggling with anxiety.  Always thought she was the perfect, beautiful girl and was a bit envious of her easy attitude.  But anxiety runs in our family so she's struggling with it now too.  So much for outside appearances, huh?  
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I was house bound, couldn't drive, didn't like talking on the phone to anyone but family, avoided social situations, and obcessed constantly about my health/heart.  After completing the 15 week program I could drive, BY MY SELF :-), went out of my way to strike up conversations with old friends and strangers, and had a long pause in my obcessive behavior.  I recently have had a relapse in my obcessive behavior (heart related), but all my other accomplishments remain unchanged.  Good luck with the program.
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I bought the tapes for anxiety and depression, I was diagnosed with agorophobia, it's like a fear of life, you just stop living and ejoying daily activities. Whenever I am faced with any kind of stress my mind shuts down, I close my eyes or start blinking obsessively (medication actually intensified the blinking)...  When I got the tapes I started listening to them right away. They have helped me tremendously to understand my condition.I am doing OK now working with the tapes. They take time and you must use the workbook and write a daily journal for the tapes to help you work through your problems. Anything worth while takes time and effort. I recommend the program.
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