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Are Benzodiazepines worth it for Panic Disorders?

I was prescribed Clonazepam 50mg, for my panic disorder developed around two months ago from a terrible panic attack from weed. the Clonazepam goes along with my Zoloft 50mg. I'm feeling better already. But are the withdrawal symptoms worth it considering benzos can be addictive.
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From one Cubs fan to another...

I used to take Ativan, but only on occasion when I was feeling very anxious or panicky. I'm not a doc or anything, but from what I understand benozs aren't usually supposed to be taken regularly, especially when you're on an SSRI like Zoloft. The benzo should be more for the occasional "breakthrough" anxiety/panic. So if you're taking the Clonazepam every day, you might want to consider weaning yourself off of them. Do so very gradually, like taking 3/4 of a pill for a week, then a half for a week, and so on. But get with your doc before making any changes.

Also, if you're not already getting counseling, I strongly recommend it. The meds are treating your symptoms, which is good. Now you need to find out what's causing the problem and how to address it. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can be very effective. Eventually you might not even need the meds.

Best wishes!
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Oh, and PS -- 2016 is our year!
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I posted an answer to this on your other post.  The above shows the difference -- taking them every day will be addictive and make them very hard to quit.  Taking a shorter acting one on occasion is better.  Not taking them at all is best if therapy helps you.  
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