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Are These Symptoms Related??

Hi I'm 23 years old, last night when I fell asleep i recall a sudden vivid dream and than i woke up quickly to my entire body feeling like all my nerves were tensing up in this tight/hot/tingling state, it lasted about 4 seconds than stopped. Now this is the first time this has happened, and I'm concerned. I have not been sleeping well and i may have slept 3 hours in the past 48. I think that this is related, Ive read similar posts where someone replied and said that the body releases corticosteroids and stress chemicals during times of high stress on the body.

Other symptoms Ive been experiencing, unsure if related are, occasional twitching at night. I Yawn and sneeze more than average. I some times wake up to a breathless feeling, like i couldn't take that breath. I will frequently wake up through the night, sometimes with this feeling in my head like the tense feeling you get when you yawn.

Another sensation I've been having for the past 3 months is this sudden almost jolt or hot/oozing feeling in my neck/throat area, it as all but stopped for the most recently, i though it to me pulpititions/arithmias but i went to the doctors for test and they told me my heart was beating normal.

I relay all these are due to lack of sleep but i need professional opinions, Please and Thank you.
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Hi there and welcome.  Well, first---  want to point out that you are on the member to member community here.  med help also has expert forums that you can reach by going to the above toolbar, hitting forums and finding it there.  

gosh, 3 hours sleep in 48 hours?  You must be exhausted.  Lots of research on what exhaustion will do the body and brain!  

You know, my best recommendation to you would be to go ahead and schedule a physical.  You can rule out anything going on with your heart, lungs, body as a whole which is always good to do and at the same time can discuss insomnia and anxiety.  This is treatable.

I've had bouts of anxiety/insomnia at night as well.  What is yours like?  Do you fall asleep easily but can't stay asleep?  When you wake at night, what do you do?  Some things really rev me up and others help me get relaxed enough to sleep again.  

Insomnia and sleep disturbance are often associated with anxiety and often treating the anxiety in a general way improves this.  

Others have tried melatonin as well.  Have you tried this?
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Hey ty for the info, Well see i think all this has a lot to do with drinking before bed. I drink a lot and it seems to keep me up and when i do fall asleep it seems real light and i wake quickly sometime with hot flashes also. really i just wait till my mind relaxes enough to fall back asleep
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And i have not tried melatonin, i will look into it :)
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i am wondering what you are drinking before bed. You say this all may have to do with drinking?  
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Yea i the past few weeks i have been drinking a lot of beer 80oz a night and a few shots
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Most definitely the alcohol is a concern.

Besides being bad for you physically, alcohol will cause and exacerbate emotional issues, it will cause feelings of depression AND anxiety.  Do you feel you may have a drinking problem?  You said you've been doing this for a "few weeks"what were your drinking patterns before that?  Are you drinking every day?  Did something happen in your life to make you start drinking?  Do you take any other meds, have any other medical conditions?  Partake in any drug use, illicit or otherwise?

IF you are drinking every day, stopping alcohol abruptly can actually be dangerous, and coming off should be done under the supervision of a medical professional.  IN the VERY least, it should be tapered in a fairly controlled environment.  A lot of the risk depends on how long you've been drinking consistently, and how much and what (which you have shared).

I just cannot stress enough that people underestimate how severely alcohol will affect the pscyhe.  Sure, you feel great while drinking, but the after effects, and long-term effects can be devastating.  Definitely something you want to nip in the bud NOW before it gets any worse.  If you fear you have a drinking problem, I strongly urge you to seek professional help.  

I think like SM said, now is a perfect time to get in front of your doctor to discuss both your symptoms, AND the alcohol.  I know no one really likes to talk about stuff like that with their doctor, but it is imperative.  You have to remember that they are there to help you, regardless of what the issue is..and alcohol abuse is a medical issue, make no mistake about that. Just like if you had high BP and needed to see the doctor, the same thing applies with an alcohol problem.   Honestly, my biggest concern, from reading about your symptoms, AND the alcohol abuse is the possibility of seizures.  That's not meant to frighten you, and certainly I cannot make any determination, I'm just throwing that out there...alcohol w/d and heavy alcohol use CAN easily cause seizures, and some of your symptoms are suspicious.  That's why you need to see your doctor.

Please do not put this off.  Get an appt with your doctor very soon, you need a thorough physical, and you need to address the alcohol.  Please keep in touch with us, and let us know how you're doing.  We're hear for you.  Also, please take advantage of our Alcoholism community if you feel it would help you...there's some great people there ready to lend an ear, and a shoulder.

One more thing, you may not really be SURE if you have a problem with alcohol at this point, or if you've just been overindulging...and that's fine.  That's where the professionals come in.  They will get to the bottom of that with you, with specific assessment tools that will help you determine whether this is something you need to be aware of, as a chronic issue...or whether you just had a brief period where your usage became a bit much.  And I most definitely think it warrants exploration.

Hang in there, glad you found us!
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I see you are getting some help from the alcoholism forum and that is a start. there is a lot of good info there from some people who knows what they are talking about. Interesting that you just left  a little hint for us about it at first and didn't mention alcohol until i asked you about it. That is something to think about because it is one of the indicators we use to determine severity of the disease. And yes it is a disease--treatable. People who have it are not bad people or weak etc.
     I say that because a lot of people won't get help due to society's negative view. So just in case---before the problem gets worse----get some professional advice. Ok?
     Hey brian---thanks for being open and honest. Says a lot about you character. You are gonna be fine young man.   omhome
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Ty all for your input and it is well noted, i believe i do have an alcohol problem and it is affecting me, it runs in the family and i have been drinking 80 oz on average the past few weeks along with a few shots. I plan to stop now in light of recent symptoms. I've never found myself to be dependent on anything although i have experimented with a lot. I quit smoking cigarettes after 4 years about a year ago. i stopped smoking weed after 4 years a little over a month ago after i started having the symptoms, also i quit chewing which i picked up after cigarettes around a month ago. I thought if i just drank that it wouldn't be as harmful, but i'm starting to learn it causes the most harm
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Yes correct.
But Good God! Brian what strength you have shown in being able to quit when you became aware of the harm it was doing to your young brain and body---yes you are young! You will use that same strength to give up the  alcohol when you understand how much bette you feel without it. Yes ups and downs and that is Life---ya don't need no stinkin' crutch.   Heck---take up surfing!
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Aside from the alcohol, I think something's on your mind and your mind is trying to tell you about it.  Time to listen.  If you wake up again from that vivid dream, get up and write it down -- at the least you might end up with a great short story.
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That's a great suggestion and for some reason if you put pen and paper right next to your bed it helps you remember. And when you stop the alcohol you will start remembering more dreams!  Have fun with it.  omhome
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