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Are the physical symptoms I have due to anxiety?

4 mos ago i had my first ever panic attack. It started with a slight tickle in my throat when I woke up at 1 am. I got a drink took my inhaler that i barely ever used.  Sucked on a cough drop. None of that worked to help it. Then my blood pressure **** straight up in my body. Chest got pains and heavy and i thought I was having a heart attack. Made it next door to my neighbors house to ring the doorbell. Next thing you know im on 1 leg bent down on there porch and it all went away. Immediately i drove myself to the we. Ekg blood work everything is good. Told was a panic attack . following week another one 2 hrs away from home. Called the ambulance. Get checked out nothing again. This progressed to having a few week. Was prescribed ativan .5 mg to tak when needed. Took me 1 werk to even take a half a pill. It helped rhe first week. The. Panic attacks came again even when taking the pill. Started having Chest Pains off anf in thru out the day. Breathlessness that wad never ending. Only got a break at night time when it would seem ti calm down. Many workups done. Strees test echocardiagram pulmonary function test. Its more phyaical symptoms to me. Once i would get use to a symptom it would change or add another one. Started out with a tickle in throat. Then heavy Chest. Then tingling in arms and legs when i woukd wake uo from sleeping. Headaches omg. Then was told migraines. My joints hurt in elbows anr knees. Feeling ad if there week anf sometimes the feelibf like if you ever stuck your tongue on a 9volt battwry feeling in arms and legs and chest and back and neck and head. Intermittently ir all day. Nervousness sone days. Muscle spasm or twitching in didferent areas of body . now it feels as if my body is fighting itself. I have sore gums now and a metal taste on tongue.no fillings at all.  I wake up feeling confused some days . doctor gave me resperidone .5mg to try. First night wad ok until I woke up many times and seeing tracers anf bad nightmares. Saw gp that morning asked what new pill I wad on. Said i was drooling and didnt look myself to stop the med. Called phsychatrist and still havent heard anything back. I'm worried the doctors are missing something. Ive had many many many many blood test done. Cat scans xrays. Did find 3 vwry small blood clots in lung on ct angiogram of chest. Was put on blood thinners . awful stuff. I cant do anything withour ssome sort of pain ir numbness. Mind always thinking the worse. In therapy. Been to the hospital 33 times in 2 mos. Thats how bad ir is. Current symptoms are rhe sore gums and tongue in mouth . muscle weakness it feels. The tingling sensations in arms and legs. Especially the knee cap and around it. Ive had 2 lyme test done, 3 ths thryoid done, 2 anti nuclear antibodies tes done 2 rheumatoid arthritis test , mono test flu test an emg nerve testing done. Shows corporal tunnel and equivalent on right side hand and foot. But none in my left side even that goes numb as well. I have triwd pain ansld buspirone and resperidone. Omg the side effects are horrible . ativan ive taking everyday at .5mg a day even though the scriot said .5mg 2 times a day. On certain days I may use up to 1mg foe rhe whole day but try not to take this as much as i can evwn though i dont go a day without at least 1 dose of .5mg. And still canr function . feel like the doctors are missing something and im dying inside every slowly without a cause. Does anyone else havw symptoms like mine everyday all day . some can some can come and go or change daily or weekely . very scary. Ive always been a healthy individual. Been sick a total of like 5 times in my whole childhood up. And right at 37 years old I all this. Started out as panic attacks. Anf gradually manifested into everything ive explained above.
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Wow, you've had a LOT going on.  The good news is that you have been thoroughly evaluated by your doctor (s).  That's great.  It should give you some confidence that you are actually physically okay. Sure, doctors can miss something but likely you have major anxiety so all the 'normal things that people have are amplified for you.  Have you considered trying to tackle anxiety?  It's worth a shot.  Do you have times that you are symptom free ever?
I use to get a break at night. Now it doesnt go away. It's here all the time. Im on ativan. .5mg twice a day. But I don't like pills. But in cbc therapy and talk to a a therapist. Its diliberaring. Cant go anywhete. Barely see my kids
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What you don't say is, before you had that first tickle in your throat, were you someone who was an anxious person?  Did you have phobias?  Were you constantly worrying over doing certain things?  Anxious people think anxious thoughts, and when this goes on for a long time or is extremely powerful the physiological stuff can follow.  Never heard of anyone having as much as you're having, though.  What I'd want to know is, did anything happen to trigger that first anxiety attack?  You said you used an inhaler -- do you suffer from asthma?  Was it a stimulating inhaler?  Was it new to you?  Were you having trouble breathing at the time?  How do you know your blood pressure spiked -- did you get it checked right then and there or did it just feel like that was happening?  I ask all of this and I'd ask a lot more, because if you weren't an anxiety sufferer, meaning suffering a diminution in life quality from panic attacks, over worrying things, etc., then even though you've see a ton of docs it still might not be anxiety.  It's also uncommon, though I'm sure it happens, to get this disorder at that age.  Most of us get it before we're 30 or we don't get it, unless something very traumatic happens that we can't get past.  Now, that's just statistics, and you're the only you, but I'm basically getting at, your symptoms other than the panic attacks, if that's what they are, don't sound like anxiety symptoms.  You might be one of those folks who have to go to the Mayo Clinic and find out what's really going on.  I don't know if that's the case, just suggesting it as a possibility.  If you had said you were an anxious person for years and it led to this finally, I'd get it.  Most of us who get panic attacks on a chronic basis feel like they came out of nowhere, but when we look back, we can see that they were coming and at some point changed from an episodic thing to a chronic problem.  Is that you?
Also, if this is anxiety, and right now it is if it wasn't at first, antidepressants work better than benzos.  I know, you don't like meds.  I don't either.  I waited 7 years after I started getting serial panic attacks and phobias before I started medication.  But benzos are really when you have to do something and you need to do it and you're afraid to do it.  They take the edge off for a short period of time and then they wear off.  When an antidepressant works, it works all the time.  It doesn't keep wearing off as long as you keep taking the med.  Neither cures anxiety.  Both cause problems when taken long-term.  But you gotta live.  If this is anxiety and it's this bad, I think you need to talk antidepressants, probably an ssri.  Good luck.
I wouldnt say i was an anxious person. I had normal anxiety. My brother had a heart attack a few mos before this all started. I had the normal anxiety where I could feel a rush of energy. But woukd go away within a few seconds. And yeah im trying to fill out everything i can medically to make sure it is anxiety.to make sure its not really a medical problem.
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