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Awful terrible feeling..

For the past two or three days i've been feeling as if i'm going to burst out in tears, or as if i've done something terribly wrong, or as if i've lost my best friend. Nothing cures it, I've tried cleaning (which is something i hate doing) and drawing (something i love) and all sorts of stuff. I went to sleep at 9pm last night, thinking I could sleep it off, but the feeling of it being gone was too good to be true, and came back once I was dropped off at home from a breakfast. It's really bothering me, and it's becoming damaging all at once. I'm normally a really laid back go with the flow let everything pass over my head kind of person. I normally only cry whenever i'm yelled at with awful things yelled at me, but that's a rare occasion, and only happens when my mother yells.. I'm 18, just turned 18 June 1st, but this is the first time this feeling has stuck around when i've done nothing wrong..I wanted to know, have I done something that could have started this?
Why am I feeling this way? Any input at all, is appreciated.. Thanks in advance.
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sounds like depression or verge of nervous breakdown

i been in this spot

talk to a psycholgist or psych therapist
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Hello and welcome!

Sounds more like symptoms of depression than anxiety.  Do you have any history of anything like that?  Do you feel anxious or just down and blue?  How long has this been going on?  Anything going on in your life, any big life changes (ie marriage, divorce, death, new baby, move, new job?), any big stressful events lately?  

Do you take any medication?  Birth control pills?  Have your cycles been normal?

If this is fairly brand new with no obvious emotional trigger, I would recommend starting with your doctor, getting a thorough work-up to rule out some kind of abnormality, like a hormonal imbalance, thyroid problem, etc.  If the feelings persist and there isn't an obvious medical cause, then you would want to consider seeking help from a mental health professional.

Hope you feel better, let us know!
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