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Back Again. Worried.

Has anyone had a constant urge to pee as an anxiety symptom? It's like I'm 100% all the time focused on it and the feelings. It's driving me mad. It's like I'm super sensitive to that bodily function
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You are being hyper-vigilant, which is very common among us anxious types. In other words, you are paying extremely close attention to every little symptom and sensation in your body, and immediately thinking "What was that? It could be something bad." YOU NEED TO START TRUSTING YOUR BODY. It knows what it's doing. It got yo this far, right? If there's a real problem, it will let you know. So focus your attention and energy on the world and people around you. Get involved in activities, a household project, hanging with friends, going places, doing things. Focus OUTWARD, not inward. You'll be amazed at how much better you will feel. Oh, and this goes without saying, but no more Googling symptoms. :-)
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BTW, frequent urination is a common symptom of anxiety. Do what i suggested earlier (ignore it), and it should subside, along with the rest of your anxiety symptoms -- along with your anxiety level overall.
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Yes!! How often do you go? I'm having this issue and totally obsessing over it. Keep focusing on my bladder, etc. I'm terrified of having diabetes, even though I've been tested
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It's so hard when it's so bothersome!! But that's what everyone around me thinks is going on too. I'm just checking all the time to see if it's gone and it's not. This is like my stomach issues. I kept checking and checking and now that it's moved on to my bladder I don't even notice what my stomach is doing. It's so annoying. I'll try my best to focus outward I can't wait until it goes away.
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Honestly I've been going like every hour or more. Especially at night. I can't sleep because I'm so worried about it and I can feel the urge and it's driving me mad. I went and had blood work done about a month ago because I was worried about stomach cancer and intestinal cancer and even bowel cancer and wanted to know if my white cell count was high and they did a full glucose test and everything came out normal. But of course now I'm worried it's bladder cancer. Even though I googled and saw that 9 out of 10 diagnosed are over 50 and the average diagnosed is like 73 and mostly men. So why the hell am I, a 24 year old woman, so worried that I could have bladder cancer?

Anxiety *****.
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