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Back again...

And just when I thought I had beat this anxiety nonsense......it came back for a visit tonight....an ugly one =(
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prayers for you and your mom...I have been "mostly" anxiety free for over 2 years but in march my son had a bad accident  and it returned a bit during that awful time..i hope for you that its temporary make sure you take care  of yourself  so you can be a good support for your mom. If you got through it once yo can do it again!!!!!
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I would say, 'welcome back,' but this is a place where you hope people come from time to time just to say hi and not because of the anxiety returning.  I had about two years between bouts of anxiety and when it came back, I initially was very frustrated and frankly quite pissed off.  But, in my opinion, you already have the knowledge of how to confront and deal with it this time around.  After I got over the initial shock, I was amazed once I focused and practiced what I learned years ago, it was much easier the second time around.  

So, don't get too frustrated over this...it happens to us all.  Just take it head on like you did last time!  Keep us posted!
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Hey g/f! Gald you're back, just sorry it's for the anxiety. (As you can see, I never left)
Any idea who or what brought the dragon back into your life?

I'll loan you one of my oars and we'll row out of here together!

Peace my friend
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Hey there!  Sorry to see you are suffering again :(  Did you know you were the very First person so long ago to send me a friendship invite?  It's been a long time so you may not remember, but I used to have the screen name FMXSMKR.  Yep, that's me :)

I hope the anxiety eases up.  I see your mom is going through chemo.  So sorry and possibly what has brought on your attack?

Take good care ♥

p.s. You are not on my friends list because I was deleting someone ages ago and hit your box by mistake and didn't realize my error until I hit "yes" when it comes up "are you sure?"  :(
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