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Benzos long-term for anxiety, tolerance, panic, anxiety,internal chest pressure

I have become tolerant to benzos after 30 years of taking them for my anxiety and panic  (xanax for 10 years, klonopin for 10 years, and valium for the last 10 years). I also have a horrible cardiophobia where I have constant chest pressure and heart palps. I feel like I am going to die daily of a heart attack. I am trying to withdraw from valium for the second time in my life and feel like death daily. Can anyone here relate to what I am currently going through? I really could use some support.
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Gosh, this is hard.  You were taking drugs that are not meant for long term anxiety control.  What about an SSRI?  Or SNRI? Is your doctor managing your care as you wean off the Xanax and other medications?  Those are addicting.  You will receive great help and care if you visit the medhelp Addiction/Substance Abuse forum.  Here's a link:  https://www.medhelp.org/forums/Addiction-Substance-Abuse/show/77

They may help you with withdrawing from long term Xanax use.  

Do you do therapy with a psychologist?  See a psychiatrist?  What other things do you do to help control the anxiety?  We are here to help in any way we can!
Just to be clear, quitting an antidepressant, though not labeled as addictive, are pretty much as hard to stop taking for many people as are benzos.  It's not the addictive nature of something, it's how hard it is for the brain to adapt back to working again without the drug, and this very much depends on the individual, the drug, the length of time taking it, etc.  Benzos are used long-term for anxiety, especially clonazepam, and while it would be better if they weren't necessary, most people taking antidepressants for chronic anxiety are also put on benzos.  I know I was and most of the people on here were.  And as for snris, although some do well on them they are not anti-anxiety meds, they are antidepressants.  They can be quite stimulating and cause anxiety as they target norepinephrine as well as serotonin, and the former is basically part of adrenaline.  When it works for anxiety it's generally because the main problem is depression, with anxiety a result of the depression.  This is very common, though, and it's very likely most anxious people are also depressed.  But it is something to be concerned about.  As for the poster, you've done this before and got through it.  So you can do it again.  You already know you're one of those who can do this and come out the other side.  But I agree with Mom, if you need medication because therapy didn't work for you, an antidepressant, most likely and ssri or a tricyclic, works all the time, whereas benzos only work a short time before wearing off.  If you haven't tried an antidepressant yet it might be a good avenue to consider, Mom is right about that.
Then again, Mom is right about most things!
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