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Best Medication for OCD/Anxiety?

I took Lexapro 10mg on and off for three years and recently was upped to 15mg for two weeks and then 20mg for 5 weeks. It helped so much before, my symptoms were almost gone! Now it's losing its effectiveness, I think. I felt fine for a week on the new dosage, thought I was improving, only to feel horrible again... I'm going to wait another week (6 weeks in total) but I doubt much difference will be made in that time. What medication would people recommend for someone who suffers from constant intrusive thoughts and anxiety?
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I take Buspar, but it is along with Wellbutrin (I'm told can cause anxiety) and Lamictal (mood stabilizer for Bipolar).  Buspar works great for me and is the kind of med that you can feel accumulate in your system.  That way, you don't suffer if missing a dose.  I take 10mg 3 times a day.  It used to just be 2x, but my job got stressful and we made an adjustment.  I was originally given Xanax which was a huge mistake on my GP's part.  After suffering through drug dependence and getting help from a true P-doc, I found meds that seemed to keep my mind reasonably happy.  I've taken Lexapro- first antidepressant I ever took.  I do remember the timeline being hard to deal with, so I never gave it enough of a chance.  I learned my lesson after trying Lexapro, Prozac, Zoloft, and Wellbutrin.  I was on the middle ones during a time I was first diagnosed as bipolar.  The latter is the only 'official' antidepressant that I take.  I think the Lamictal works for bipolar depression (as well as mood stabilization).  I was first given it in a small dosage while they fully diagnosed me.  Was told the Lamictal would help with my anxiety in around two weeks.  It did.  Like most medicines, I had to up the dosage (eventually) and capped it around the typical bipolar dosage of 200mg.  I think I started on like 25mg or 50mg.

All in all, I recommend bringing up Buspar.  I had never heard of it until I told my p-doc I wanted something for anxiety that wasn't going to be a problem as a 'drug abuse' type deal.  She told me Buspar (buspirone) was the only medication that was produced specifically to treat anxiety.  Best wishes - Brett
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