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Beta Blockers combined with diet pills??

I've been on only 10 mg of Propranolol for about 2 weeks now and feel that it has helped me a bit with my GAD. I have normal blood pressure, and was thinking about asking my doc for a higher dose to see if the improvement would continue.

The lethargy is what bothers me the most since I already have a pretty low energy level. I wanted to get some opinions on here about taking some kind of diet supplement that is suppose to help with energy. I think caffeine is a main reason these are effective, but I haven't researched them too much, so I was thinking I could find one that isn't mostly caffeine at least, since I can be sensitive to it, especially in the afternoon and evening because I won't be able to sleep.

I take the beta blocker at night so I was thinking it might balance out if I took something else for energy first thing in the morning, especially if I wanted to up the dosage of the beta blocker.

What do you guys think?? I hope my post made sense. Thank you!
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I would always buy my supplements in a good health food store, meaning not GNC.  The staff can direct you to the better brands.  Bee pollen is best taken from a local beekeeper in kind of powder form (it's actually kind of like little pebbles, a bit like lecithin), but it's almost impossible to find nowadays.  You don't want Chinese bee pollen -- it's dead.  If it's really cheap, don't buy it.  It does come in bottles and in pills -- the best national company is probably YS Royal Jelly.  There are two companies with good clean spirulina grown in Hawaii or the west coast -- Earthrise and Nutrex Spirulina Pacifica.  Powder works better, but if you take it in pills, because it doesn't taste very good, you need to take a lot of them and drink a lot of water to rehydrate it.  Wheat grass is best bought fresh still growing in the soil and then juiced, but then you have to have a wheat grass juicer -- a regular juicer won't juice wheat grass.  This also comes in powder and pills.  Pines is a known brand.  Barley grass you can get from Green Foods.  Don't buy direct marketed stuff you can only buy from the company on the net or from its "partners."  And the meds mentioned above will have too much possibility of undoing the calming effects of the meds you're on now, so I'd stay away from them.
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Taking diet pills or caffinated drinks or the like is a bad idea if you suffer from GAD.
In my opinion there are far better medications for GAD then propranolol.  
I would suggest you consult a psychiatrist and discuss the alternatives if you haven't already done so.   They are far better options to solve your anxiety problem without the lethargy.
It may even very well be the anxiety that's causing the lethargy as much as the propranolol.
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You can ask to your doctor about modafinil. It's a ''wake-promoting'', not a CNS stimulant like amphetamine, drug and used off-label as a nootropic (smart drug) due to it's positive effect on energy, memory and learning. It's impact on energy is similar to caffeine in the studies. I tried it myself and had no problem on it, better than caffeine ,in my humble opinion, and also you don't have to take it all day unlike caffeine. You take it once a day when you wake up.

Modafinil as very few side-effects compared to the amphetamines and other stimulants doctors often use to treat lethargy or attention deficit disorder.

If your looking for something more like a supplement I recommend you eat a good breakfast (cereals like Vector are supplemented and are good for energy). The most bioavailable energy you can get naturally is from food, not supplements. Well balanced breakfast should improve your energy levels.

Any change in your medications whether it be a supplement or a pharmaceutical drug must be addressed with a qualified physician.

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Rather than looking for a different pill for every occasion, there are very nutritious foods you can try that can promote energy just because of their high nutrient content.  Such foods include spirulina, bee pollen, royal jelly, wheat grass, and other so-called super foods.  Using uppers for any reason just gets you used to them eventually and you'll just have to take more.  You can also try exercising first thing in the morning or, alternatively, meditating first thing in the morning -- both should give you a good burst of energy to shake off the lethargy.  
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Thank you all for your thoughtful responses :)

My GAD is pretty mild and my doctor had me try a standard anti-anxiety medication that I just couldn't tolerate, so I take Ativan as needed, which also makes me tired, so I take it as little as possible.

I've seen discussions about beta blockers being helpful and my psychiatrist agreed that it was worth trying. So far I'm happy with them. Definitely less side effects than the other (can't remember the name, but it killed my stomach and I just felt horrible in general)

I go back to see my psychiatrist soon so I will see what she thinks. Paxiled- do you recommend any specific brands of spirulina, bee pollen, etc? Andrew Lessman has a good line of vitamins and supplements, but I'm assuming you were referring to the food products of these.

Thanks M4, I wish we had Vector in the U.S. Then again, I could probably order it online. How's it taste? :) I'm going to mention the modafinil to my doc and see what she says but I noticed anxiety, nervousness and difficulty sleeping are common side effects, so I'll have to see how it goes.

I exercise most days and always eat a good breakfast. The exercise helps a ton. I do need to incorporate meditation or yoga.

Thanks again, I appreciate the responses!    

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Thanks again Paxiled. I know of a nearby beekeeper, I've purchased honey from him before, so I'll have to call him and ask about the powder.

I'm now considering slowly moving towards a vegan diet and not taking the Propranolol anymore. It makes me very tired and unproductive and I have a hard semester coming up that I need to do well in. Even though it's a small amount, I'm sensitive to everything it seems.

I've got Ativan to take as needed and I'm going to incorporate yoga as well. I'm like most people around here that just want to take as few medications as needed, despite my mention of diet pills. I was expecting the advice to say they were a bad idea.

I had a situation when I was a teenager that forced me on the road of figuring out what medicine could help me. Four years later, I decided to go holistic and have gotten fit and a lot more in tune with myself.

Excuse my blabbing! Thanks!
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